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To achieve a synthesis between aesthetics and functionality is the aim of all pure design, marketing and copy-writing. Giving added value to a product or service by means of our design, words or ideas is therefore the central element of our manifesto
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Located in the heart of Marbella’s Old Town, just around the corner from the renowned Orange Square, Italian restaurant Casa Tua offers fine Italian dining within a magical setting – perfect for a romantic date night in Marbella. Upon arrival, you are instantly made to feel welcome. The ambiance is inviting and as the name suggests you really do feel at home here, so much so that it’s hard to leave.

Though it is not a large urban centre Marbella is in many ways a leading centre of new design trends. Driven by the typical enthusiasm and dynamism of a youthful, cosmopolitan town, it bristles with energy, creativity and a can-do attitude. What is not possible in other places becomes a reality under the Spanish sun. Much of this is naturally focused on the two main industries of the region, tourism and real estate, where design, marketing and architecture are the ingredients that produce luxury resort hotels, spas, fine dining restaurants, nightlife spots and a wide range of properties. Combined with entrepreneurialism they produce successful businesses that in turn support a great many other industries.

As social media experts in Marbella we believe it’s important to keep you updated on new developments and features such as the recently launched Facebook services, so that you can stay on top of the social media game! Last month our social media update blog took a look at the new Facebook messenger code. Today we wanted to make you aware of the new Facebook Services section that has just been launched, which allows local businesses to showcase their expertise in particular fields, highlight their unique selling points and promote the services they offer.

Enjoying the Rolls Royce experience first-hand is just the way to crown the summer. Most people can only dream of stepping into a gleaming new Rolls-Royce and driving off into the sunset, but just recently Michel Cruz and Adriano Martins of Manifesto Design got a personal taste of just what that is like. It all started when our client Callum Swan asked us to write a piece about the fact that the Rolls-Royce Experience was coming to Marbella – and Callum Swan had been handpicked as a local partner. With its client profile and reputation as a select boutique real estate agency run on firm ethical principles, the company founded by husband and wife team Callum and Louise Swan was deemed to be the ideal partner to offer the Rolls-Royce experience to its clients.