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Marbella restaurant reviewsAs a writer who has written Marbella restaurant reviews for more than 15 years I am often asked to recommend the top eateries in town. I do this with the understanding that I am neither a professional food critic nor a culinary mastermind, but rather a well-respected writer who simply loves to enjoy good food in a great setting. You can imagine that a luxury resort town such as Marbella has a great many different restaurants to offer. What’s more, they cover the full range of cuisines from Europe to Asia and the Americas, and in a young, dynamic environment such as this, many try but only a select few succeed.

Estepona artistAnyone who has tried to make a career from a passion will know that few are tougher to make a breakthrough in than art. Though it is all about creativity and expression, art is a highly competitive field in which many have tried and only few have succeeded. The best advice to aspiring artists, therefore, is to take the bull by the horns and let your enthusiasm and creativity do the talking for you. As in many careers, you may have to make some sacrifices along the way and do more for less until you are an established name, but those with the true drive to share their work and reach an audience will eventually succeed. Young Estepona artist impresses One young artist who shows the way is Ana Torralba. Not quite 30 years old, she has indeed taken the bull by the horns, letting her creative energy flow and producing an exciting body of work that is growing all the time and would put many a much more experienced artist to shame. A graduate of the Madrid Faculty of Fine Arts, Ana is above all a natural talent, as skilled at creating evocative paintings and murals as she is at photography and video.

manifestoNow that the weather is getting colder and the beach is no longer the primary attraction in Marbella, I find myself wondering around town finding other interesting things to do.

Without the heat making it a burden to walk through the streets of Marbella’s city centre, there’s no rush to escape from them as in the summer season; it’s actually quite pleasant to feel the fresh air of a cold afternoon or morning, as you look around and start focusing on the diversity of shops and restaurants, the shape of the buildings, the benches and the squares, just to find yourself almost asking them for shelter.

I am fortunate enough to travel frequently for business, and one of the places that I have visited most in recent years is Frankfurt. In this time I’ve got to know this rather singular city quite well and developed a sense of familiarity with it that makes it like a business home from home. Leaving the ubiquitous sausages to one side, to many Frankfurt is the centre of the German financial sector in a way similar to London’s City and Paris’ La Defense districts. Its gleaming glass towers are not just a symbol of how post-war West Germany rose from the ashes of destruction by American bombers, they also give the city a more New World than European look and feel.

Located in the heart of Marbella’s Old Town, just around the corner from the renowned Orange Square, Italian restaurant Casa Tua offers fine Italian dining within a magical setting – perfect for a romantic date night in Marbella. Upon arrival, you are instantly made to feel welcome. The ambiance is inviting and as the name suggests you really do feel at home here, so much so that it’s hard to leave.