Words that convey your message

Copywriting Marbella


Copy for websites, brochures and marketing material, as well as ad campaigns and slogans, all need due consideration to ensure they speak to the right audience and reflect your company, product or service correctly. We analyse the message you aim to bring across, then look at it from the reader’s point of view, and only then commit ‘pen to paper’.

Attractive imagery makes the first impression, but well-chosen words are needed to further convey your message. Manifesto Design specialises in bespoke copywriting and content services.

Blogging Marbella

Blog sites are an important element of today’s online marketing strategies. A good blog site can build readership and propel your website up the Internet rankings, yet if it is to be done with quality and integrity it will require a high standard of engaging, relevant content. Fortunately, that is also the kind of content that produces the best results.

Content Writing Marbella

Flexibility is one of the keystones of our way of working. We can provide freelance articles and reports or take care of the diverse range of topics and individual writing styles required in a publication. Moreover, we can tailor style and content to the intended readership and type of publication.