Our latest intern, French student Marion Beauchet-Filleau, has now returned to her home in Bordeaux. Before she headed off, she left us these impressions of the time she spent with us. Thank you for your hard work, Marion!

Marbella is a beautiful Spanish town. It is located in Andalucía and forms part of the Costa Del Sol, which I chose as the location for a three-month internship. I’m going to talk about Marbella and especially what I have enjoyed during my stay so far.

Marbella has a definite advantage: it is a wonderful destination with warm weather throughout the year. Indeed, the town offers a lovely climate that is great for spending the afternoon relaxing after a day at the office, although this summer it has been extremely hot, hotter than I expected.

MarionBlogIn addition, Marbella offers the chance to be on the Costa del Sol, which enjoys 30 kilometres of coast allowing you to do whatever you want to do. Maybe you prefer sunbathe on the beach or refresh yourself in the sea. Here we are spoilt for choice of which beach to visit, all beautiful but very different in their own right. Some have nice bars on them with wonderful views of the Mediterranean Sea. Two members of Manifesto Design took me to Trocadero Arena for my birthday, where I had a really great day admiring the views and enjoying the lovely cocktails! I highly recommend that you try it!

The beaches are each more beautiful than the other. Each is different and every day offers a good opportunity to try a new one. Some are little, hidden among rocks like little bays with no one and others are very vibrant and busy. Personally, I like to visit the Malibu beach bar after work, it’s a good place to enjoy a Mojito and relax. I like this beach because during the week there aren’t many people around, it is quiet and scenic. Moreover, the sun heats your skin longer than on some other spots of beach because it is very wide and open.

Marbella is not just a sunny town with multiple beaches. This city also has a historical centre. It is a charming place where history and traditional architecture blend, with Andalusian culture evident on small flowered streets, bars and authentic restaurants. I participated in a treasure hunt with the Manifesto team members in the historic old town. It was pleasant and the ideal occasion to discover the quaint streets one by one and details that I hadn’t noticed before. This beautiful part of Marbella is very cosy, with narrow streets and a lot of colours. Indeed, the houses have different tones, and we can see a lot of flowers on the walls and balconies.

But I’m not here only to visit and go to beaches. I am here to do my internship here at Manifesto Design, where I have been given the responsibility of managing some social media accounts and writing blogs, which is helping to improve my English. Before I came I didn’t have any experience of corporate social media. I only use my personal one. Thanks to Rhea and Bianca I have learned how to be more creative, funny and provide an identity. Indeed, posting three times per week for clients can be challenging sometimes, as we need to find creative and new ideas to attract people.

I also write blog articles. This is a little bit more difficult. I need to think a lot about what I need to write because I’m not a native English speaker, but this exercise is a real benefit for improving my writing English, and working in such a beautiful location certainly has its rewards.

Marion Beauchet-Filleau

Manifesto Design / August 21, 2017

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