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Exploring Marbella Old Town


Exploring Marbella Old Town

When you are living near Puerto Banús and working in Guadalmina you tend to see Marbella a little bit differently than the average tourist. However, when I first went to the Old Town I entered a completely different Marbella. I immediately fell in love with the architectural structure of the old town. Cute little white houses with charming balconies make up small streets filled with the most beautiful plants and flowers. Combine this with the sunny weather and it is as if a picture comes to life. Only then you wouldn’t do justice to the delicious smells coming from the nearby Spanish restaurants, including the delicious tapas so beloved by me.

You could spend your entire day just walking around those lovely white streets, enjoying the small boutiques and trendy cafés. But because of the warm weather I had to stop for a refreshing drink, and what better place to do this than Plaza de los Naranjos. Also known as Orange Square, this central spot is perfect to soak in the atmosphere and enjoy the orange trees surrounding the square ‒ hence the name.

While catching my breath I observed the people walking by. Sit me down on a chair and I can enjoy myself just looking at people. Some were young tourists rushing around ‒ I can only imagine in a hurry to find the nearest bar. Then there were the people dressed like they’re coming from or going to the beach and my favourite of all the typical Spanish residents. I make up my own stories as to why they are there and can’t help but wonder if they really appreciate all the beauty that surrounds them.

For all those people who need a little bit more than a chair in a square to entertain themselves, there is a lot of sightseeing to be done in Marbella Old Town. For instance, after my drink I visited the town hall, various churches and the ruins of the castle. Combine your visit with a walk down the promenade and you’ll have a perfect day in Marbella.Exploring Marbella Old Town

It is safe to say that this wasn’t my last visit to the Old Town of Marbella. If you haven’t been there I strongly recommend you to do so.  During the evening, I have been told it really comes alive, with even more typical Spanish dishes, live music and flamenco dancing. My advice would be to appreciate the picturesque setting and the rich atmosphere this place has to offer. Even more important, take your time while exploring. You learn things by trying them out so take a seat at one of the many bars and order some nice tapas. You might have to do this twice just to be sure you really explored it all.

If you have any suggestions as to which place I really have to visit during my next visit, please tell.

-Bianca Schepers-