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To achieve a synthesis between aesthetics and functionality is the aim of all pure design, marketing and copy-writing. Giving added value to a product or service by means of our design, words or ideas is therefore the central element of our manifesto
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Words from the pen of our writing team. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions or to arrange a personal conversation.

For those of us old enough to remember a time before computers, dire predictions of the future saw robots taking over menial jobs, with factories and fields full of metal humanoids doing what we could do but better and faster. While this has come to pass to some extent, we have been taken somewhat by surprise by the creativity that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is demonstrating. ChatGPT changes the game  It is the release of ChatGPT (with Google’s Bard hot on its heels, but as yet ChatGPT is the main chatbot we’ll be discussing here) that has been the game-changer for creatives who had believed that solely humans

Manifesto Design is proud to announce that we have become a member of the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain (BCCS). A venerable institution founded in 1908, it is the country's only independent British-Spanish business organisation. The organisation’s stated aims are to offer its members a professional network to promote business and trade between the UK and Spain, advancing members’ interests and offering a huge range of services and resources to its members, including events, training, and business support. In doing so, the BCCS aims to foster close ties with UK and Spanish businesses, recognising that there are benefits to both sides in understanding each

Hashtags seem to have become ubiquitous over the past few years and are now an integral part of social media, with millions of them being used every day across platforms such as Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. But what are they and what are they for? Hashtags are keywords or phrases preceded by the hash, or what was more commonly known as the pound sign (#), which helps to categorise and organise social media content. They are an essential tool for social media users and businesses alike, as they help to increase engagement, visibility, and reach across different social media platforms. They can bring numerous benefits to your

There has been an enormous fanfare over the past few weeks following the launch of ChatGPT, the AI language model, or chatbot that is taking the world by storm. Launching before Apple and Google could get a look-in with their competing products, OpenAI, a company founded by influential tech entrepreneur Sam Altman and Elon Musk, among others, launched ChatGPT leaving the big boys playing catch-up. The rise in artificial intelligence (the AI part for OpenAI) has moved markets and generated acres of newspaper inches, however, just how revolutionary will AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) will prove to be and should we be concerned about the

It’s quite astonishing how rapidly and how profoundly social media has infiltrated every layer of modern society. There are whole generations now who have only ever lived in a world with, at the very least, Facebook, and those entering the workforce today who can’t contemplate working, socialising – living their lives, essentially – without being connected to social media. Therefore, it is essential that businesses appreciate how essential social media has become in modern-day communication. Companies are relying on social media platforms to connect with their customers and promote their products and services, although it has become more challenging to cut through the noise of businesses

Rebranding is a critical aspect of any business, as it can help reposition a company and increase its market share. It’s not as simple as just changing the logo or website design. A successful rebrand requires careful planning, execution, and ongoing monitoring to ensure that the desired results are achieved. In this article, we will discuss the key factors that contribute to a successful rebrand. Why are you rebranding? The first step to a successful rebrand is to clearly define the purpose of the rebranding effort. It should be a strategic decision, and it's important to have a clear understanding of why you're rebranding and what you hope to