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To achieve a synthesis between aesthetics and functionality is the aim of all pure design, marketing and copy-writing. Giving added value to a product or service by means of our design, words or ideas is therefore the central element of our manifesto
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Words from the pen of our writing team. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions or to arrange a personal conversation.

Shops aren’t the only ones having to change operations and adapt to the new normal of coronavirus life. Magazine production and publishing has undergone some serious transformations over the past few months to get their work out in front of people’s eyes. Some changes may be used for the foreseeable future such as offering free online digital copies to launching social media campaigns—there’s been plenty of switch-ups in the media world to keep on top of. What's new? Essential Marbella Magazine, one of the biggest publications on the Costa del Sol has recently launched their hybrid magazine, switching to digital magazine production they have released a paperless version

Google is constantly finding new ways for brands and advertisers to reach and engage with new audiences around the world, and already offers a number of different ways to place your business in front of paid audiences, from simple search-based Google AdWords to Display and Video content across many different platforms. Now Google has added another vertical to their growing portfolio of products with the global roll out of Google Discovery Ads. Although this has been available in some areas for about a year now, it has finally been tested sufficiently with verified success, in order for it to be offered globally to all advertisers that

Some business owners ask the question: “Why do I need a marketing agency?” Nowadays, the Internet is full of tips and tricks on how to do it yourself, while many opt for an ‘in-house’ marketing team, and unfortunately end up wasting time, money and resources. So, let’s start from the beginning: Who needs a marketing agency? What are the costs of hiring a marketing agency? Do I need to stay with the marketing agency for a long time? What benefits does it bring me and my business? Who needs a marketing agency? A marketing agency is there to help not only start-ups and small businesses that want

We make this statement loud and proudly – Manifesto Design is the number one content writing agency in Marbella and far beyond! For more than 18 years we have been working with top agencies and companies on the Costa del Sol, Spain and abroad, providing our content writing services – writing everything from blogs, brochures and all kinds of marketing material to creating the content for websites, magazines, pitch decks and market reports. Our director and founder Michel Cruz is not only a great team leader but also one of the best writers on the Costa del Sol. He has been writing for over 30 years

It’s that time of a year once again and we can’t believe the 12th edition of the annual luxury lifestyle/property magazine is out! We have been working for many years with Diana Morales Properties/Knight Frank, helping them with the production of their annual in-house publication – Highlights. This is a project that we cherish and are very proud of as each year we work together to produce a high-quality magazine that not only showcases the most luxurious and prime properties in Marbella and surrounding areas, but also brings readers insight into matters of lifestyle, fashion, gastronomy, travel and of course the global real estate market. Every year

Here at Manifesto Design we always aim to keep as jargon free as possible when it comes to services like Search Engine Optimisation. We don’t pretend that to carry out effective SEO you need a magic cloak, or come out with fancy complicated words that sound good, just to try to impress our clients. In fact, we have a lengthy list of long-term, loyal clients and that is all because of a few simple things: We have been doing this for a long time (since 2003) We know what works and what doesn’t work We are transparent with everything we do, and back up any changes