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To achieve a synthesis between aesthetics and functionality is the aim of all pure design, marketing and copy-writing. Giving added value to a product or service by means of our design, words or ideas is therefore the central element of our manifesto
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Words from the pen of our writing team. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions or to arrange a personal conversation.

We don’t like to but brag, but it’s true, at Manifesto Design we’re experts at producing content of all sorts, from keyworded web texts and topical blogs to magazine articles, copy writing and one of our specialities: brochure writing. Michel Cruz, one of our founding directors, heads up a team of experienced writers and marketeers, which he leads by example. Having personally written and edited literally dozens of magazines, brochures and online publications, he is regarded as the leading expert in all forms of marketing-driven content and quality writing in Southern Spain, to which he adds a long list of overseas projects as well. In fact, Michel

Start-ups can be tricky as they not only require a good strategy to develop the business and bring the company to life but also many hours of marketing briefings, the establishment of the USP and development of the brand identity. Earlier this year a client came to us for help: Inge Biesmans, the owner of Nexus Lifestyle wanted to create a company that would specialise in a property and lifestyle service to assist buyers with finding the best homes in the world’s finest locations. She had an idea and most importantly the passion and desire to make her dream company come alive. So here is where

The term ‘lead generation’ is what you usually hear from online marketing and digital companies who promise you results that often seem too good to be true. But what is lead generation? A lead is a person who has expressed interest in a product or service that you or your company offers—and lead generation is what you do to attract those people and entice them into giving you their contact details. It is the method you use to capture the lead. There are plenty of ways of doing this so you might want to keep reading! In this article, we will try to explain the most popular

Whatever we expected from 2020, it wasn’t this. It’s fair to say that the Coronavirus overtook us all so quickly that no-one was really able to prepare for it. One minute we were all going about our professional and personal lives in Marbella, and the next there was a state of emergency and accompanying lockdown that had us all but housebound. As we now emerge from this situation and return to a sense of normality, it’s worth assessing the impact and implications of one of the strangest times any of us have lived through. This year will probably produce poor economic figures around the world, not

Shops aren’t the only ones having to change operations and adapt to the new normal of coronavirus life. Magazine production and publishing has undergone some serious transformations over the past few months to get their work out in front of people’s eyes. Some changes may be used for the foreseeable future such as offering free online digital copies to launching social media campaigns—there’s been plenty of switch-ups in the media world to keep on top of. What's new? Essential Marbella Magazine, one of the biggest publications on the Costa del Sol has recently launched their hybrid magazine, switching to digital magazine production they have released a paperless version

Google is constantly finding new ways for brands and advertisers to reach and engage with new audiences around the world, and already offers a number of different ways to place your business in front of paid audiences, from simple search-based Google AdWords to Display and Video content across many different platforms. Now Google has added another vertical to their growing portfolio of products with the global roll out of Google Discovery Ads. Although this has been available in some areas for about a year now, it has finally been tested sufficiently with verified success, in order for it to be offered globally to all advertisers that