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If there is a small place in heaven that smells like old books, ground coffee and freshly baked croissants it could well be just like Café con Libros in the heart of Málaga. It’s the kind of place you admire everyday as you walk past, with intentions of someday trying it out but never actually stepping through the door because it just looks a little too cool for its own good. Turns out, it really is that good! 

To be truthful it may set a standard we can only aspire to—no one might ever reach the level of trendy chic that this coffee shop has—but in the meantime we can take pictures of their extremely photogenic drinks and pretend we’re just as cool!

This little treasure is found tucked in amongst other bars and cafés in one of the liveliest plazas in Málaga. Café con Libros, however, stands out in the Plaza de la Merced due to its quirky little swingsets outside, which you can be sure to quarrel over when going in a big group. Not only is it a perfect place to go for tea in the afternoon, but also in the morning to catch up on some work or, of course, just to relax and read. Inside you can find shelves lined with books in all languages and coffee tables with an array of newspapers and magazines for your perusal.

The service is very friendly and the food and drink is exceptional considering the variety of choice provided. The sweet and savoury crêpes are always perfectly crisp at the edges and come with a good amount of filling, but whatever you order, I can almost guarantee it will not disappoint.

Café con Libros, however, is most famed for
its refreshing juices and iced coffees. Having tried almost all the juices, I can testify that every single one has a unique taste, with a perfectly balanced combination. The ‘Rastafari’ is definitely a group favourite, it’s like an alarm clock for the senses. One sip and your face comes alive, like when you eat something very sour, but this time it is exquisitely balanced with the humble taste of banana, which immediately dampens the acidity from the oranges. Only fruit that is in season is used, meaning that certain dishes and drinks are not available in winter, but we’re finally in summer
and I cannot wait to go back and try out all the seasonal smoothies.

At this cosy coffee shop you can count on fresh ingredients, innovative recipes and a relaxing, welcoming vibe that can be hard to find in bustling central Málaga.

Violeta Jiménez