Social Media

Social Media Marketing Services

Use a new form of communication

Social media has grown so rapidly that now literally hundreds of millions of people use it on a daily basis to communicate with others across the globe, transcending physical distance and making it possible to interact directly and share information within seconds.

That reaches your target audience

Social media represents a new platform through which businesses can interact with their community of potential clients and promote their products and services in an indirect, socially interactive way. Manifesto Design offers specialist social media management services.

Corporate presence on Social Media

Managing company profiles on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram requires subtlety and the kind of know-how that ensures the presentation, topics and timing of social media messages are not only designed to develop a strong following and successfully communicate the company’s message, but also that all interaction is appropriate to both the corporate image and the social medium itself. We know not just what to do to get the best results from social media, but also how to do it in a sensitive manner.

“Social media is the fastest-growing medium of communication in the world today – and therefore a powerful marketing tool if approached correctly”