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Biomagnetism – an efficient way to diagnose complaints

If you’re not feeling great you normally try to ignore the symptoms and hope they just pass. If they persist, and grow in intensity, the next step is usually to visit a doctor and see what’s wrong. You will make an appointment with a GP – either at the state medical facilities or at a private clinic – and attempt to tell them exactly what is causing you discomfort, be it stomach trouble, shortness of breath, headaches, insomnia, back pain, rashes, aching joints, or any of a long list of other common ailments.

The problem is, the above phenomena don’t just describe one particular condition, but can occur as a result of a great many different and highly unrelated issues. Finding the right diagnosis is, of course, at the heart of curing the problem, but this can require a lot of ‘detective’ work, and given their workloads, many GPs don’t bother to do much deductive work. Instead, they like to send their patients for what can seem like an endless barrage of blood tests, as they attempt to narrow down the possible causes.

Quite apart from the discomfort of going for blood tests, it involves the labour-intensive process of returning to the clinic to collect your results and making a new appointment to see the doctor, who unless you’ve hit the jack pot will very often simply order a new set of tests – and so it goes on. To put it mildly, this drawn-out procedure can be costly and disheartening, and often ends up undermining your once infallible confidence in the diagnostic abilities of doctors.

The above ‘crisis of modern medicine’, which is related to the daily strains upon it, has led people to search for alternatives, and in many cases they have come in the form of natural, traditional and also in particular Asian medicine. The latter builds on thousands of years of practice, and while some proposed treatments are clearly not credible, many others are receiving increasing stature – including among conventional doctors – for the results and scientific principles that underlie them.

Biomagnetism is a good example of this, and its fundamental practice of measuring the biomagnetic field that is given off by all forms of energy – including living organisms, and therefore also humans – enables it to be surprisingly effective in diagnosing ailments. In fact, it’s often much quicker and more accurate than the conventional procedure described above, and for this reason I thought I would give it a try, having been given the contact of Sorana Filipescu by a friend – along with rave reviews.

Trying it for myself
I made an appointment, not entirely sure what to expect, but found a comfortable, welcoming little clinic in the heart of Marbella (on Avenida Severo Ochoa), and a very knowledgeable and friendly practitioner in Sorana. We chatted as she got everything prepared for the resonance measuring, which occurs without the use of machines or any ‘hooking up’ of the patient. Instead, you lie comfortable while she uses the magnets that are the foundation of this technique.

If you’re sceptical that is perfectly understandable, I tend to be as well, but I learned to keep an open mind and found that Sorana – who had asked me to tell her nothing of any possible ailments, so that her findings stood on their own foundations – put her finger on three specific issues she could not have known about. One being reflux, another an aching lower back, and the third problems breathing clearly. Not only did she diagnose these correctly, but she began to offer the causes and most likely solutions, something no GP seems able to do without subjecting you to a lot of blood tests.

If you wish to take these findings to such a GP, please do so, but having found what’s wrong with you someone like Sorana may also have the right answers in solving the problem, so give that a try too, as it usually involves natural, non-invasive and also pretty risk-free treatments.

Sorana Filipescu