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Lessons learnt on internship and living in Marbella

One of the biggest lessons I have learnt over the past couple of months is that you have to appreciate the things around you. And not crave for the things you want in life.

At least you sometimes think you need them, but in reality, you actually don’t need them. Not only material things but maybe also with different relationships. In my internship here I have experienced that it’s good to get out of your comfort zone for a while, don’t be around the same monkeys you have been with from your past, but get to know different people, different cultures and by being around different age groups, you push yourself to get to their level and don’t fool around that much anymore.

 Living in The Netherlands compared to living here in the southern part of Spain it’s not only the temperature you feel. It’s that feeling you get when you can finally take off your coat and sit on the terrace with a nice glass of wine, together with your friends enjoying the wonderful sunshine that we can probably expect 15 days a year. Imagine that happy feeling for 27 weeks.

If you would start your day with a smile and appreciation for what is in front of you, you already are one step ahead.

A happy feeling every morning when the flocks of parakeets fly over and in the distance, an owl that makes its last cry. Before the parrot continues to take over the morning song, together with a beautiful glow over the clear sky. This is how I started my mornings, not rushing through rain and wind for your train. And ending up soaked in a cold classroom. No, it’s nice to walk to work in a beautiful, street with blooming flowers and birds and watching the golfers play.

*This internship wasn’t possible without the help of Erasmus+ & Arcus College