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Estepona artistAnyone who has tried to make a career from a passion will know that few are tougher to make a breakthrough in than art. Though it is all about creativity and expression, art is a highly competitive field in which many have tried and only few have succeeded. The best advice to aspiring artists, therefore, is to take the bull by the horns and let your enthusiasm and creativity do the talking for you. As in many careers, you may have to make some sacrifices along the way and do more for less until you are an established name, but those with the true drive to share their work and reach an audience will eventually succeed.

Young Estepona artist impresses
One young artist who shows the way is Ana Torralba. Not quite 30 years old, she has indeed taken the bull by the horns, letting her creative energy flow and producing an exciting body of work that is growing all the time and would put many a much more experienced artist to shame. A graduate of the Madrid Faculty of Fine Arts, Ana is above all a natural talent, as skilled at creating evocative paintings and murals as she is at photography and video.

I first saw her work at the Magpie International Gallery in Marbella, where gallery owner Andreia Pino proudly showcased her work to a cosmopolitanEstepona artist audience. Ana’s paintings are visually appealing, engaging and fun – and they are as suitable to a contemporary home décor as to offices or other commercial spaces. The use of colour is pleasing and eye-catching, though not gratuitous, revealing true technical and artistic maturity.

She owes this to a hunger to learn, experiment and experience as much as possible, and has something to say as well as producing visually stimulating images through her painting, photography and videos. In October an enormous mural created by Ana was unveiled in Estepona, a town that has made a name for itself with a beautification programme that includes outdoor paintings produced by local artists like Ana Torralba.

Estepona artistIf you like to see young talent blossom I would suggest keeping an eye on Ana’s career, not to mention the beautiful works of art we can still look forward to. For more information about young Estepona artist Ana Torralba and other exciting talent contact the Magpie International Gallery.


Images courtesy of Estepona Tourism Ruta de los Murals

-Michel Cruz-