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Manifesto puts its best foot forward

Manifesto Design footgolfIt  may sound like the sort of crazy game you used to make up with your friends when you were a kid—but the sport of FootGolf is fast becoming popular with sportsmen and women of all ages.

At Manifesto we were intrigued about this game that is attracting players all around the world to such an extent there is a thriving FootGolf World Cup (this year held in Argentina) and the beginnings of a professional game. To find out more we sent a team along to the Casares FootGolf Club to try it for ourselves. 

As the name suggests the sport is a hybrid of golf and football. Like golf, the aim is to knock a ball down a fairway before holing out in as few shots as possible. The difference is that the ball used is a football and the ‘clubs’ are your feet. You quite simply kick the ball until it disappears down the target hole.

Scoring is exactly the same as in golf, and many of the same rules apply. The ball must be played as it lies, except on the green where it can be picked up and cleaned before ‘putting out’. Although played on a golf course—we were treading the trim fairways of Casares Golf Club—the holes are considerably shorter for FootGolf. Each one is allocated a par score (from three to five) and the rules of golfing etiquette are adhered to when it comes to order of play and dress codes.

In order to keep from being thrown off the course studded boots are not permitted—the golfing members would definitely take a dim view of stud marks across the greens!

We played in teams of three—although you could play a two or four-ball if you preferred—and had a most enjoyable game. While our skill levels were perhaps not up there with Messi or Ronaldo, we feel we put on a good show. It’s a game—just like golf—where a little ‘local knowledge’ goes a long way when judging distances and anticipating the bounce and roll of the ball. In fact, that is probably the most important factor—so hopefully next time we’ll do even better!

What is noticeable is that you don’t have to be a footballer to enjoy the game—it is suitable for ladies and people of all ages and sporting ability. It is normally played over nine or 18 holes, but the reduced length means a round can be completed in a couple of hours, making it ideal for a family morning or works afternoon out. And it’s certainly fun too—the Manifesto team took to it like ducks to water scoring several birdies along the way, whilst enjoying the fresh air and lovely scenery of the leafy course.

All in all it was a great afternoon out—one which we would heartily recommend to anyone.

-Dilip Kuner-