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Manifesto test drives the latest Rolls-Royce

On Thursday the 23rd of August, the Manifesto Design team were exclusively invited for the second time in three years to test drive a new Rolls-Royce car around Marbella, in association with long term business partner Callum Swan Realty. Beginning at the luxury property company’s office on Marbella’s Golden Mile was our director Michel Cruz and intern Eamonn Shiels, who eagerly volunteered to partake.

It was 11am as two convertible Rolls-Royce Dawns glided through the establishment’s barriers and parked. At 5.2-metre long by 2metres wide they’re hard to miss and definitely have some road presence, making its occupants feel very powerful. In a glowing pearl silver with black trim, the first Dawn was stunning, featuring a purple coated interior and body stripe we were told was painted on in one hand movement the full length of the car; a skill only one Rolls-Royce employee has mastered. Director Michel Cruz drove said car making arguably the best decision of the day taking it up to the toll road where he could reach 120+kph all the way to Estepona, returning by the coastal road back through Puerto Banús and to Marbella town in style.

The second car was a signature model in black with an iridescent ‘Mediterranean blue’ coloured bonnet and roof piece with interior to match, including a pearl encrusted dashboard – the ultimate in luxury. Pulling off in the £380,000 hulk you are instantly unused to driving what feels like a tank, thus resultingly fearful of scratching it. You soon realise however the car has a sensor for just about every possible scenario, as well an overhead satellite view displayed on screen making it virtually impossible to have an accident, not to mention just about everyone gives you right of way!

You feel like royalty, the most powerful man on the road as you cruise through Marbella turning heads and demanding photos on every street, but in a sophisticated way. I mean the car barely makes a noise it’s so elegant, quiet and unbelievably smooth to drive, practically effortless. If you were royalty on the other hand and you did need to get out of there quickly; putting your foot down the V12 engine crackles and pops as it accelerates to 60mph in four seconds, something that should be impossible for a car of over 2.5 tonnes – that’s two and a half Mini Coopers.

The futuristic 4×4 Rolls-Royce Cullinan can also be spotted in Marbella, being chauffeured around by the car brand’s representatives. The unreleased prototype vehicle is the only one of its kind currently on the road and isn’t even finished or road legal, with only one representative allowed to drive it. This is Rolls-Royce’s first ever attempt at an off-road designed car, and standing at nearly two metres tall this car would really be a treat to see on the streets of Marbella, if you’re lucky enough to come across it!

-Eamonn Shiels-