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Mobile marketing Marbella


You only need to glance around you to realise that people barely look up these days ─ more often than not they are glued to their mobile devices.

Mobile marketing MarbellaWe now live in a world where our mobile phones have become our lifeline; many of us would be lost without them. And it’s not only about social media, our mobiles allow us to book flights, order our shopping, schedule important appointments and work ─ all while on the go.

This is why it is now more important than ever that businesses make sure their website is optimised properly for all mobile devices. For sectors such as real estate, it has now become vital; the chances are that most people searching for a new property in Marbella are doing so via their mobile device. People have busy lives and long gone are the days when we had the time to sit at a desktop for hours searching the web.

If your website isn’t already responsive, we highly recommend that you take steps to make sure that it is sooner rather than later, in order to avoid losing a large portion of your target market. By responsive we don’t just mean that your website can be viewed on a mobile phone, what we actually mean is that is is flexed and scaled to fit all mobile devices without the need of having to zoom in or zoom out in order to read or view it correctly.

This is a process that can be carried out in two ways; either your desktop site can be scaled to mobile or a website designer can build a mobile version of your site. Marketing to mobile doesn’t have to be a complicated process but it is important that you get things right from the start. Here are a few key points to consider in terms of content, font and image size.

Mobile Marketing Content
The whole purpose of mobile marketing is to enable browsers to search quicker and easier. The important thing to think about here is the fact that all mobile device screens differ in size from each other and from that of a desktop, so it is essential that you ensure your homepage text is crisp and clear. An important question to think about here is, does the reader find what they are looking for in the first paragraph? If not, you run the risk of losing the interest of the browser and in doing so you are also potentially losing a sale.

Mobile Marketing Font Size
If your font is too small, users will need to zoom in on their screen to be able to view it. Equally, using a large font on headlines means the user might not be able to read all of the text on their screen, which not only becomes frustrating but also presents an unprofessional image of your company.

Mobile Marketing Images
In the world of real estate images are vital. In order to best present your listing it is essential that you use high quality photographs. However, it is also important to note that these should fit the screen so that they can be viewed whole without the need for zooming in or out. Another key factor to think about is that while high-resolution images should be used for printed materials, it is best to use low-resolution images online as they load quicker.

These are just a few key points that you should be thinking about: However, it’s not only your website that needs to be tailored in this way. Mobile marketing offers a world of opportunity for real estate companies when it comes to reaching your market. For example, it provides a canvas for effectively targeting consumers, but we’ll leave that for part two!

If you would like more information about mobile optimised websites, whether it be for property in Marbella or the surrounding areas, or would like to book a free consultation at Manifesto Design to discuss digital marketing further, then contact us today.

-Rhea Craib-