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To achieve a synthesis between aesthetics and functionality is the aim of all pure design, marketing and copy-writing. Giving added value to a product or service by means of our design, words or ideas is therefore the central element of our manifesto
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Social media is everywhere. This new phase of our planet’s development has transformed every aspect  of  our lives – from the way we conduct our daily conversations to the way we build brand image and transfer  information.

From the emergence of this innovative form of communication comes a medium that transcends traditional journalism. With immediate and unfiltered content, information can be spread and received  instantly by a global audience. On a personal level, this means connecting and sharing ideas with like-  minded individuals who would otherwise be separated by land, sea and circumstance. At a global level,  we see events unfolding in real time and reported by real people on the ground. This is modernised  frontline reporting and some see it as the future of journalism itself.

Part 2 of our social network guide: In our last blog we looked at Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Now, as promised, we take a look at a further three – slightly more niche – social media platforms. So without further ado:

  1. LinkedIn This is the business (social) networking platform, which makes it particularly appealing for furthering the standing of your company within professional circles. Users can follow companies to receive updates from them, including all sorts of things from content blogs to job advertisements. LinkedIn offers some very handy tools to reach your clients on a more professional platform than some of the other social networks. From informing your clients about your area of expertise to showcasing the services or products you offer, this is the network you’ll want to be on.
  1. Pinterest Like a bolt out of the blue, 2015 has seen the popularity of Pinterest go through the roof quicker than Charlie and Wonka shot out of that chocolate factory in their (clearly not so great) glass elevator. Pinterest is a virtual pin board, but without the hazard of potentially stabbing yourself in the finger everytime you add to it.

                      Here at Manifesto Design we like to think of digital marketing as a jigsaw – and it’s one that we simply love solving.  With a search engine optimised website, an eNewsletter template to forward new content to your mailing list and maybe an idea for your next pay-per-click campaign,your digital marketing strategy is well on its way to being established; you’ve got the frame of your jigsaw completed, maybe the bottom left corner of it, too. Good job! But does your jigsaw actually resemble anything yet? Currently, nobody looking at your unfinished puzzle can see what the finished picture will be as there is a piece missing. Social media may well be that vital last piece of your digital marketing jigsaw. When it clicks into place - hey presto, the picture becomes clear.In the case of social media, if you can slot it into place within your digital marketing strategy everything around it makes a lot more sense too.