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marbella top three things

Top three things off the beaten track in Marbella

Ferarris, Maseratis, champagne spray parties and a lot of botox is the first thing that pops up when I think about the Spanish Golden Mile – until I discovered the real beauty of Marbella.

Let me introduce myself: My name is Sven Overdijk, a Dutch student from Maastricht. I started working for Manifesto Design three weeks ago and so far I really like it. Of course, there were some things that I had to get used to but that’s normal.

For the past three weeks I have been Airbnb hopping all around, Guadalmina, San Pedro and even Elvira because I didn’t get any luck to find myself an apartment. On the other hand, I like it because I met a lot of nice people in a very short amount of time – with some of them I eventually became friends.

The people I met allowed me to experience the real Spanish beauty and not the ‘show-off’ side of it.

Here are my top three things to do in Marbella that are off the beaten track!


1. Del Conde

Not a lot of people know about this beautiful lake surrounded by mountains but this is an absolutely gorgeous place to visit! It’s only about one hour’s drive from Marbella centre.
As soon as you drive out of the centre you start to feel very small between all of those big cliffs, valleys and mountains. Perfect for making photos! As you arrive you will hear nothing but crickets. I couldn’t believe it was just one hour away from all of the happening in Marbella because it feels like you stepped in a desert, surrounded by massive mountains and a beautiful blue water lake. This lake is famous for the little town called El Chorro. You could go there to walk on the cliff pathway if you’re into that but I liked it more over at Del Conde.
Peace, silence and no selfie sticks…

El conde panoramic view

2. Cable Ski & Wakeboarding

A cool place to have fun with friends! On the weekends it can get a bit busy but try to go there after work around five/six-ish. You can try hit the water skis or when you’re just trying out you could use the kneeboards. They are easy and lots of fun! If you are a little more advanced there is an option to rent a wakeboard!

The prices are good, for ten rounds you pay €15 – but you can also get 50 rounds for €70 – which you can share with friends so I would recommend that. If you’re not into that you can relax at the pool or drink a beer at the bar that costs €2.

There is even an option to rent a big sunbed for €25 (per day), which gives you a view over the waters where everyone is wakeboarding. Excellent for relaxing after work!

3. Benahavis river

Although, it’s not a completely ‘un-touristic’ place to visit, it’s still one of those things you should do when you’re in Marbella. When I was there I went after work (6-7 pm) at the beginning of September, there were some locals but only a few. It’s one of those adventurous things that I really enjoy doing especially after sitting behind your computer all day. To complete the whole river it would take around 2,5 hours but it’s worth the journey. You’re surrounded by big mountains, rocks, waterfalls and even some hanging bushes that form into ice cold showers.
Bare in mind that the river is not the same temperature as your average swimming pool, especially when you go there after hours just like I did. Perfect for people who like an adventure!

Although I love the luxurious side of Marbella, I also like to sneak out sometimes, completely surrounded by the beautiful nature of Andalucía.

I’ve only been here for three weeks but I’m already starting to feel at home. If you’re interested in more of those places be sure to follow me on Instagram to see my Marbella adventure.

– Sven Overdijk –