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Madeline Bell


Manifesto Design was proud to help out at a charity concert featuring soul singer Madeline Bell, which raised more than €2,500 for the ADANA dogs charity.

Every cent from the Saturday, July 18, event  at the Gran Hotel Benahavis will go to the welfare and feeding of the 150 dogs homed by the charity, as well as the maintenance of the kennels.

Madeline, who has performed with the likes of Dusty Springfield, Elton John and Cliff Richard, showed that after nearly 50 years in showbusiness she still has what it takes as she delivered a spectacular performance. Her songs ranged from classics to new original music written by her keyboardist, David Lenker.

Madeline answered questions and performed requests throughout the concert as members of the  audience danced the night away. The evening finished with a raffle with one generous lady winner auctioning off her prize to raise an extra €300 for the dog shelter.

ADANA is based in Estepona and is dedicated to the protection and rehoming of lost or abandoned dogs. It is run by a team of committed and tireless volunteers, who provide  shelter and affection to these often badly treated pooches.

Despite their efforts over the past 25 years, the issue of abandoned and neglected animals in Spain remains a huge problem, not just locally, but across the country.

With more than 150 dogs in the kennels, the work is hard and the costs are great. In just one year ADANA will spend roughly €4,500 on vaccinations and €19,200 on dog food. That is why fundraising events such as this one are instrumental in ADANA’s mission to protect the coast’s furry friends.

Having worked closely with the charity for some time and understanding the uphill battle it faces, Manifesto Design was more than happy to help by acting as sponsor and taking on the mantle of being the official marketing team for the charity.

Before Madeline’s performance,  new president of ADANA and event organiser Michele Yanez Bowker delivered a presentation created by Manifesto Design, which outlined  the charity’s intentions for the future as well as an overview of the previous year.

New adoption incentives such as a Dog of the Month poster campaign and sponsorship of the dog pens were discussed. The audience was introduced to colourful characters such as Fan, who has been at the kennels for seven years and is their longest standing ‘resident’.

The Dog of the Month campaign – for which Manifesto’s team designed posters  –  was created to bring overlooked dogs like Fan to the forefront and to finally find them a home. Manifesto also provided the event’s tickets and posters, in addition to creating infographics to help inform dog owners about welfare issues such as castration, ticks and the dangers of leaving  dogs in hot cars.

On behalf of everyone at ADANA, Michele would like to publically thank the Lick FM DJs who provided the music throughout the evening, the Euro Weekly News and the Gran Hotel Benahavis for hosting the event. If you would like to adopt, foster or volunteer at the kennels (because who doesn’t want to cuddle puppies?) you can contact ADANA via their website www.adana.es . You can also find information on their next event, an operatic concert in the park, here. For more information on Manifesto Design and the services we provide you can find our contact details here.

Lauren Ellis