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Iván Muñoz Garcia joins the Manifesto team

We have recently added a great asset to the team at Manifesto Design and are pleased to introduce Iván Muñoz, our new commercial manager!

Iván has many years first-hand experience in property development on the Costa del Sol, giving us a unique insight into the local real estate industry, which makes communication and understanding of our real estate clients much more specialised. With the digital marketing industry being so dynamic, we look forward to seeing the fresh perspective Iván brings to the table especially regarding our property development and real estate clients.

For you to get to know him a little better, we have decided to ask him a few questions about who he is and what he will be bringing to the team.

Q: Iván, what experience do you bring with you to Manifesto?
A: I am originally from Madrid and I have spent the best part of the past 20 years working in sales and marketing in Northern Europe, the USA, Central and South Africa, SE Asia and the Middle East. After returning to Spain four years ago, I decided to complete my education and I achieved a Masters Degree in digital marketing management while learning the ropes of Real Estate development, commercialisation and marketing in Madrid and Southern Spain.

Since 2011 I have also had the honour of teaching Marketing and Sales at the Estonian Business School in the Tallinn and Helsinki campuses. Back in 2019, I met Michel (Creative Director of Manifesto Design) for a magazine interview while I was the marketing director for a national real estate agency in Southern Spain and, a few months later, I wanted to hire the team to create and implement the marketing strategy for one of the most important new developments on the Costa del Sol that I was managing. Since then, I’ve wanted to have more to do with Manifesto and its amazing team.

Q: Well we’re really happy to have you on board! What will your main responsibilities be here at Manifesto?
A: Client account management, new client acquisition and elaborating and implementing marketing campaigns for our clients as well as internally. But I also have experience as a graphic designer and photographer so I’ll try to help with as many tasks as possible.

Q: How do you think your experience helps you in your role here with us?
A: Given the strong presence of the real estate sector on the Costa del Sol, I think this will help us and our clients greatly since most sectors here are connected in some way to that industry. I also think that my international experience and exposure to various markets in so many different parts of the world gives me a unique experience that we believe our clients will appreciate.

Q: Where do you see Manifesto headed in the near (or far) future?
A: Thanks to the worldwide pandemic, which can’t be ignored, I don’t want to seem like I can predict the future, but I definitely see that thanks to our great and diverse team, the full range of products we offer and our existing and new clients who appreciate our work from the start, our aim is to become a leader in our area of influence within the next two years and then, well, to infinity and beyond…

We hope you enjoyed Iván’s answers as much as we did. You’ll definitely be seeing more of him in the future!

For any information about Manifesto Design or the services we can offer your business, feel free give Iván a call, to reach out via our website or contact us in social media DMs!

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