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Michel’s book presented at DOM3 event

The book authored by our director, Michel Cruz, and co-produced with photographer Wayne Chasan and architect Luiyo Vázquez, was presented at the DOM3 Forum on Friday 26th May.

The DOM3 Forum is a bi-annual event that brings together leading figures from the luxury real estate sector in the region to discuss the latest developments, analyse challenges, opportunities and market conditions, and critically review the directions taken and factors affecting the sector.

As such, it is an important point of encounter and the exchange of knowledge and ideas between leading architects, property developers, investors, landscapers, construction and engineering firms, technical consultants, interior designers, legal and financial experts, the press and also public figures, with Estepona mayor José María García Urbano present and proud to host the event at the town’s Teatro Auditorio Felipe VI.

A proud moment
Among the technical presentations, lively debates and market analyses came the presentation of our director’s book: MARBELLA, AN URBAN CASE STUDY. The introduction to the concept and inspiration behind the project was given by Luiyo Vázquez, which was followed by a fun video that provided a visual summary of the modern architectural style coffee table book, which chronicles the evolution of Marbella from a fishing village to a luxury resort and now a young, diverse and growing city through the words and thoughts of Michel Cruz, the visual archive that is the imagery of Wayne Chasan, and the emblematic illustrations of Luiyo Vázquez.

The project, which was conceived by Michel Cruz after conversations with Wayne and Luiyo – and which found at least part of its inspiration in the wonderful Espacios de Arquitectura sessions organised by leading Marbella architect Juan Salvador Shvartzberg – not only describes the processes of change that have affected this area, but also posits it as a unique example of urban development, and in the process poses critical questions about the past, present and future of a place that is as much a brand as a town.

It is a proud moment for Michel Cruz and the team at Manifesto Design, as well as for Wayne Chasan, Luiyo Vázquez and Miriam Bidondo, who created the layout for this unique perspective of an iconic resort town turned city.