Case study – CBD oil company logo design

One day we received a phone call with the question:  “Can you design a logo for our company?” As you may already know here at Manifesto Design we create all sorts of marketing material such as website design, content writing and of course graphic design, so our answer was pretty simple – “YES, of course, how can we help you?” This is how an exciting new project started.

This new client approached us with a new start-up company for CBD Oils – CBD NAOS.  The brief that we received was simple and clear, which make the work on this project easy and smooth. The client wanted to go away from stereotypical leaves and green colour designs and have something that will stand-out against his competitions, this is where the name NAOS came from, which is the name of one of the stars.

We began by mocking up a few initial ideas. The concept behind this logo was to create something geometrical and simple but at the same time easy to recognise.  We started with sketches and small drawing that led us in the end to the following eight initial designs.

As you can see we limited our colour choice to a very smooth navy and blue pallet, but we also tried to play around with purples and yellows to add some splash of brightness

The client was very pleased with the initial ideas and even had a hard time choosing just one, but in the end, after a short discussion, the final decision was made, and below we present you with the official logo of the CBD NAOS.

This project is still ongoing, as right now we are working on the labels and packaging design for them, but this was not it. To our surprise the client has asked us for another logo design. You may ask why? Did he not like the first on in the end? No, he simply decided to start another business in competition with the first one– CBD Factum. This time the brief we received was “You are professionals and we trust in your skills, so design something for us that will work.”

So there we were again, researching and starting work on initial mock-ups, this time for CBD Factum. Although originally we had been asked to avoid green colours and leaves, we thought that it may work for company number two, and surprisingly it did.

The concept behind the CBD Factum logo was lightness and freshness of the green colours and leafy elements. Minimalist design and a combination of only two colours also work very well with the font that we chose. All the elements balance perfectly between them and create a good logo (btw balance is the secret to good logo design, but don´t tell anyone).

So now here we are designing labels and packaging for two different CBD oil companies, and it’s very exciting, so we cannot wait to share the final results with you. But for now you will have to wait a little longer. Visit our website and Engage Manifesto 🙂

-Oksana Drutsul-

Manifesto Design / May 28, 2019

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