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Why we love San Pedro?

san pedroWe all gave our best trying to answer the question ‘Why we love San Pedro?’ when we realised that there are so many reasons that make us love it, they simply can not be contained by any single thing. Therefore, we, the team at Manifesto Design decided to launch an entire website revolving around the reasons we are so attached to this picturesque Spanish town –   a San Pedro guide.

However, this is not the only reason for starting this new online medium, we also consider San Pedro Alcántara as being an up-and-coming area of the Costa del Sol, so it seemed only common sense to establish a way in which everyone can access useful info regarding the small Andalusian town. On top of that, a couple of weeks ago we realised that there is no online space where you can find information written in English about activities, events and places of interest in San Pedro Alcántara, so we took it as a personal challenge to create such a place for us and most importantly for all the English speakers in the area that are facing the same issue.

The website itself offers info on a wide variety of entertainment going on in the area with news on concerts, festivals and many other events that are regularly updated; it’s also worth keeping an eye on the site because we’re constantly adding new content on activities, as lots of things are currently happening in the San Pedro area.

Nevertheless, on the website there are a multitude of restaurant reviews, which we take very seriously. Members of our team frequently write about the experiences they had at eateries within the designated area, making www.sanpedromarbella.eu a trustworthy medium from which you can get dining recommendations.

Make sure you give it a look if you want to stay up to date with what’s going on in your area!


– Robert Bajenaru –