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Case Study: Developing a new, consistent message for THIRDHOME

THIRDHOME quite literally changed the game for owners of second homes, making it possible for them to exchange properties with peers around the world. The result is an exciting new option that blends the travel and property sectors.

The company was launched in 2010 by Wade Shealy, former co-founder of a successful real estate firm in South Carolina, after realising that although people absolutely loved their newly bought second homes, they still wanted to discover more of the world, as well as make the property purchase and maintenance costs work for them. A few friends and colleagues of Shealy were the first ones to sign up, and today over 14.000 properties in 100 countries have joined, using their second home to travel the world without the expense of renting.

An exciting project

Given the above, we were very pleased to be commissioned by this innovative company to help develop marketing strategies for their European-based office, as part of which we also produce everything from advertising campaigns to branded material. Like every successful company, you are never out of goals to reach, so they keep us fully engaged in developing the European and Middle Eastern/North African markets.

Luckily, we have experts on our team who know exactly how to deal with this. The head of our company, Michel, has many years of experience in the business and knows how to develop strategies for our clients. Iván, our account manager, liaises closely with the client’s marketing team, and together they brainstorm and coordinate the design work produced by our talented lead designer, Oksana.


Brand consistency and impact

The client wanted to expand its presence and brand awareness, and for this it is important to develop and maintain a consistent, recognisable corporate look and message. What’s more, they have to have impact and communicate directly and effectively with the target audience. For THIRDHOME this translates to the intrinsic message: Exchange, Travel, Save.

These are the words featured on the advertising campaigns of THIRDHOME, providing an impactful tagline that conveys the essence of the message with few words. The branding, while established, was fine-tuned and cleaned up by our design team to make it even more attractive, and we think that much shows in the adverts, London bus stop promotion, mailing campaigns, brochures, editorial features, landing pages and other marketing material created.

At Manifesto Design we know about the importance of good marketing – put us to the test and find out for yourself what we can do for your business.

– Tirza Cijsouw