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The right way to use hashtags

Hashtags have been around for a while now, and most people active on social media, including businesses, frequently use them. But is it worth it? Does it actually increase your social media growth, or is that just a myth?

There are lots of ways to include hashtags in your social media posts. Some believe using the most popular ones make you stand out, while others think that you should filter out all hashtags that are irrelevant to your post. So, this almost makes it seem that there is no right or wrong use of hashtags nowadays. 

Different platforms, different hashtags

Well, you’d be wrong! Hashtags do work when applied correctly. First of all, using hashtags on the different social media platforms has a different effect. For example, on Twitter it’s recommended to limit your hashtag use to a maximum of two. It’s common to write hashtags in the middle of your sentences since the number of characters you can use is limited. So on Twitter, hashtags are more or less a part of the message.

Instagram, on the other hand, allows you to use up to thirty hashtags, but there’s no need to do that. Five to ten hashtags per post are ideal, according to research. There is an important trick that can help you stand out the most, and that is to use hashtags that are about: your industry, your business niche and your audience. So, using hashtags such as ‘#instagood’ or ‘#love’ just because they are really popular doesn’t actually do much for you company because they have nothing to do with your content. They may even make your posts disappear in the void of the hashtag.

Using hashtags is simple

There are other easy ways to check what works for you, for example to simply just try out different hashtags and analyse those that work for you, then you can repeat these in your new posts. Also check what influencers or your competitors use. That way you know for sure that the hashtags are relevant and make your audience interested in your content. But when you are really lost, there are websites that keep you up to date on the latest trends and popular hashtags.

However, it is a misconception that hashtags are some sort of magical way to grow your business reach. Yes, they definitely help, but your social media has to be the full package in order to stand out and gain popularity. So, post consistently, only upload high-resolution images, use an ongoing theme, interact with your audience and organise your bio and profile.  

When we manage your social media here at Manifesto Design, we always make sure to use the right hashtags that are relevant to your business. 

Get in contact with us to find out what we can do for you. 

-Tirza Cijsouw