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Why you should use Instagram Reels

Although many people consider Instagram Reels to be an imitation of the popular video-app Tik Tok, there are significant differences between the two. Differences that may make you consider using the Instagram platform for business purposes.

It was August 2020 when Instagram first introduced Reels, a feature within the app that allows you to post creative, 15-second videos with an unlimited scroll through facility. However, the response in general wasn’t that ecstatic. Many thought it was just a way for Instagram to stay relevant and participate in the latest trends, as similar video platform Tik Tok blew up when the world went into lockdown. So it’s interesting to see that nearly two years later, more and more people are finding their way to the video section of Instagram anyway.

Comparing the two

I bet some of you are wondering, what exactly are the differences between Reels and Tik Tok? Well, let’s start off with the obvious: Tik Tok lets you upload up to three minute videos, and Instagram up to one minute. Then, the content being posted on either platform is quite different from each other. Even though both feature a ‘main page’ that shows you videos from around the world, on Instagram you probably already have a personal page, which consists of followers being your friends and family, or in a company’s case – clients, whereas Tik Tok usually starts off with a clean slate that draws followers who are interested in the content you’re going to post. Videos on Reels are usually more polished, educating and aesthetically pleasing compared to the creative, raw videos of Tik Tok.

So, why should you add Reels to your company’s social media? 


As a lot of people have been commenting, for the past few months Instagram’s algorithm has changed, which has given rise to quite a backlash from some users. Posts are not showing up and the chronological order has disappeared. Yet, posting Reels has been proven to allow your content to reach around 22% higher engagement than a regular feed post. 

It’s because your Reels are thrown into a worldwide web of entertaining, addictive, short videos available to all Instagram users, instead of your regular photos that are only being shown to your followers. With the content on Reels covering a broad variety of topics and styles, and the algorithm showing you content that you seem to be interested in, uploading Reels might be just the boost to marketing that your company needs.

At Manifesto Design we understand it takes time, and knowledge to upload quality content on social media. Allow us to help you take your company to a higher level and attract new clients. 

– Tirza Cijsouw