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To achieve a synthesis between aesthetics and functionality is the aim of all pure design, marketing and copy-writing. Giving added value to a product or service by means of our design, words or ideas is therefore the central element of our manifesto
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Manifesto Design welcomes new intern

Hi! My name is Tirza, a creative 19-year-old media student from The Netherlands. Ever since I was little I’ve been dreaming of living, working or studying abroad, preferably in beautiful Spain. Once I joined college I started planning to do an internship there together with my friend. And now I’m finally here, at Manifesto Design in Marbella!

I’ve always liked writing and creating content on the internet. That, mixed with an interest in journalism, led me to the media course that I’m following at the moment. It allows me to learn and work in a lot of different aspects of marketing, such as writing articles, interviewing people, editing videos and managing social media.

This is my third week at Manifesto Design and so far I have a good impression of the company. I’m excited to learn and grow a lot within their team and I especially look forward to learning about graphic design, because this is something that isn’t really taught in my college. I’m also really curious about what it’s like to work within an international team and I think it’s a great way to learn about the strengths of both yourself and others.

Finally, I’m excited to put the things I have learnt in college to use in the ‘real world’ and hopefully become much better at it. 

I can’t wait to start this journey!