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Flavours of GeorgiaThe mountainous country may seem very far and exotic situated in the Caucasus Mountain, but in reality Georgia and southern Spain have more in common than you’d think. Both share a combination of a beautiful shoreline, warm sunny beaches and gorgeous mountain scenery, though in the case of the Black Sea country the mountains rise even more steeply from out of the sea to produce a landscape that is even more dramatic than that of the Costa del Sol.

They also share a warm Mediterranean climate along the coast, with Georgia boasting its own ‘Marbella’ in the form of Batumi, a pretty resort city overlooking the deep blue waters of the Black Sea. It is perhaps not surprising, then, to find that the two cities are twinned, with regular cultural and touristic exchanges taking place. Formerly part of the Soviet Union, Georgia has a long, proud history that stretches all the way back into antiquity, and this is reflected in its cuisine.

The latter enjoys regional influences that include Russian, Armenian, Persian, Syrian, Turkish, Lebanese and Greek elements, accompanied of course by local dishes to produce a delicious and varied kitchen. 

Named after Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi is a charming little restaurant in Centro Colonia, near San Pedro’s central boulevard. It offers a good selection of delicious indigenous starters, main courses and desserts that will enable you to explore the taste sensations of the Caucasus, along with trying local wines, spirits and even fizzy drinks such as Georgian pear and berry sodas. The atmosphere is cosy and informal, the service friendly and attentive, and Tbilisi offers great value for lunch and dinner, so give McDonald’s a miss next time and try this delightful little eatery where you experience the thrill of discovering something completely new!