Almost two years ago, I bravely moved to Marbella not knowing where it would take me, but I was excited to explore the possibilities.  After scrolling through Facebook as you do, I stumbled across The Marbella Beauty Academy advertising its makeup course.  With little hesitation, I picked up the phone and contacted them. Could this be the beginning of my dream career of starting a business in Spain I wondered?

MakeupBlogThe people at the Marbella Beauty Academy were very accommodating and after an initial visit and a chat I had enrolled! There was no doubt that I was looking forward to meeting like-minded individuals and learning all about makeup, something I had always adored. It was a brief stint at the academy but it certainly gave me a taste of what could be…I wanted more and I needed another challenge. Gisele and Jane were talking about the photographic and high fashion level course, I thought… well, if I am going down the route of working with makeup I need this additional qualification too. It was a no brainer! And now almost a year later, having achieved the CIBTAC certificate, I am a qualified professional makeup artist and I have never looked back.

It had never occurred to me that I would one day be starting my own business in Spain, but it would seem that the stars have aligned for it to be this way. So, I am now taking the bull by the horns and pushing hard…making contacts, networking, taking responsibility, dealing with disappointments and learning from mistakes (all of which my Dad has advised me are a natural part of going it alone). But it’s also a very rewarding experience too. Actually making it happen myself, and it’s the little magic moments like seeing a client’s face light up from my work that makes it all worthwhile.

So, let’s talk if you looking for a professional makeup artist for your next photo shoot, special event or wedding day? Feel free to get in touch:

Jess Hill


Manifesto Design / September 5, 2017

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