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CASE STUDY: Nexus Lifestyle – a successful start-up

Start-ups can be tricky as they not only require a good strategy to develop the business and bring the company to life but also many hours of marketing briefings, the establishment of the USP and development of the brand identity.

nexus lifestyle website structure

Earlier this year a client came to us for help: Inge Biesmans, the owner of Nexus Lifestyle wanted to create a company that would specialise in a property and lifestyle service to assist buyers with finding the best homes in the world’s finest locations. She had an idea and most importantly the passion and desire to make her dream company come alive. So here is where we stepped in.

Our Creative Director, Michel Cruz, has many years of experience in assisting start-up companies. In this particular case, Michel helped our client established the USP (Unique Selling Point) for the company, he helped to identify which services the company should offer and develop a strategy on how to achieve the desired results.

Once the business side was established, we moved on to branding. The client already had a logo in place that transmitted elegance, luxury and simplicity by its colours, slogan and font usage. Based on the logo, we started work on developing the website that had to transmit the same ethos and present the company at its best. Our client had a special request, she wanted to be the face of the company and represent the values of it. So, we decided that it would be best to build the website based on her profile, her knowledge and expertise. She had arranged a photo-shoot to create some professional photos that later we used as a base for the website as well as social media.

When it comes to the layout of the website, we chose a simple and elegant style, using only three colours: gold, black and white. Three colours that in combination shout out luxury and elegance. The font for the website was also chosen to comply with the logo.

macbook showcasing nexus lifestyle website

When it comes to the structure of the website, we also kept it simple, the flow of the text and the menu gives the user an experience of complete structure and easy ‘anatomy’. The user follows the pages and discovers the company step-by-step, which lets him get to know the firm, their values and philosophy.

Once the website was completed we made sure that the brand also made a big impact on social media. It’s not the first time that we have written about how social media is a very important factor in a company’s branding, and when presented correctly on social media following a strong philosophy and concept, it not only indicates to potential clients that your company is trustworthy but also creates a big impact.

iphone showcasing nexus lifestyle instagram profile

For Nexus Lifestyle we created a brand line that not only showcases the company and its values but also leaves a footprint in the users’ memory.

This project was maybe not the easiest, and with the unexpected lockdown and quarantine the company had to take a short break, but now the start-up is beginning to pick up business, people are starting to discover the brand and we are hoping to see big results.

If you have an idea for a start-up but are afraid to go ahead, get in touch with us. We can not only help you with the development of a strategy for your brand, but also we will guide you through every step.

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