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What makes a great real estate website?

When looking for a property, the internet has become an important tool that prospective homeowners use. While real estate companies may be able to get potential sales from referrals or existing customers, having a website is nowadays vital for building the company’s brand and sustaining its presence in the market.

responsive website

What features must a real estate company’s website have?

1. Captivating visuals

Photos on the internet are applied for a variety of reasons. They can be used to enhance websites, illustrate stories or present products and services, among others. For websites, visuals draw the attention of the visitor. When looking at an image of a property, prospective homeowners immediately see its features without reading lengthy texts. Thus, photos must form a central part of a website’s content. They must be original, related to the corresponding text and captivating.

2. Detailed information

While images are a good way to draw attention to a property, the corresponding information about it is equally important. Text is therefore also an important part of  a real estate company’s website content. Properties can be described in terms of their actual measurements, asking price, key features, amenities available and surrounding features, to give just an example of the kind of information needed by prospective homebuyers. It is also crucial to let them know what is included and excluded on the listing, so information about the property must be truthful to the visuals  published on the website.

3. Virtual tours

A virtual tour is a remote viewing tool that draws on high-tech VR (virtual reality) technology. A good virtual tour must be able to show prospective homeowners all spaces in the house and navigate its way through them – as if it was a real-life viewing. One excellent way of conveying information on virtual tours is highlighting key areas and features of the property, such as the space and distribution of rooms, architectural and decorative styling, type of amenities, garden, terraces, views and surroundings.

4. Video tours

Like a virtual tour, video tours allow interested parties to look at the property at their own convenience. A significant component of a video tour is how the real agent presents the property. Scripts need not be lengthy descriptions, but should instead be light, fun and engaging. A good choice of background music and precise editing help to create an attractive, professional presentation. Remember, not everyone has the time (nor patience) to sit down and watch long videos. With this in mind, video tours must be designed in a way so as not to lose your audience.

5. Interactive maps

Another way to make a real estate company’s website interesting is by having interactive maps in place. This allows viewers to become familiarised with the property’s surrounding area. Interactive maps also enable them to form judgments about the historical, cultural, natural and socio-economic aspects of the property’s location.

6. Updated contact information

Finally, the website must provide an easy format for prospective homeowners to leave feedback or request further details. This can include the real estate company’s social media accounts, email, address and phone numbers, but also the team behind the business. This way, the website acquires a personal touch which, at times, can be lost in an increasingly digital world.

Building a website can be a daunting, time-consuming task. At Manifesto Design, our experts will guide you in making a highly attractive and informational real estate website that will boost traffic and sales. Don’t hesitate to contact us at info@manifestodesign.com. It will be our pleasure to bring your project to life online.


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