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What is your USP?

Have you heard that question before? Have you ever had a client or an investor or even an employer at a job interview asking you: WHAT IS YOUR USP? Let’s begin with an explanation of what is USP.

USP is a Unique Selling Point. It is an essence of what makes your business, product or even yourself better than your competitors. Something that makes you different and makes you stand out. Knowing what your USP is and promoting it correctly is one of the keys for a successful business. But why is it so important you may ask yourself.

A unique selling point establishes your company or product within the marketplace. It correctly positions your business and gives your clients and customers a clear idea of why you are better than your competitors and why they should choose you and your services. For example, some companies promote the quality of their products as their strong point, others put a bet on the lowest price, free shipping, etc. There are plenty of examples but in this article, we want to concentrate on you and your business. So, let’s have a look at how to define your USP and then most importantly how to correctly promote it.

Defining your USP
Defining your strongest selling point takes quite a bit of time and research, but without it you are just selling another service or product without purpose. To start with you should identify your business. Write down what your services or products are. Why are they better than your competitors, and which one is the strongest out of them. Research your competitors. Don’t be afraid to go snooping around other businesses that offer the same products/services as you. Visiting their websites, reading their reviews and identifying their strong and low points is a tremendous part of the research. Don’t forget to review their marketing materials and ad campaigns.

Reaching out to your existing clients and customers is also an important part of the research. Start by getting in touch with them and ask for feedback regarding the products they own from you or a service that they have received. Having ‘live’ feedback can give you a great insight into your strong and weak points.

At this point, you should have a pretty solid idea of what your competitors are offering and what your offers are. Analysing and comparing them should give you a clear idea of what you should be concentrating on to be different, and that difference and uniqueness is your USP.

Communicating your USP
Now that you have picked your unique selling point it’s time to share it with the world. Here we would recommend you reach out for the help of a marketing company as they know the market inside out and can help you promote your USP correctly, reaching the right target market. But here are some good ways of promoting your USP to potential customers:

  • Advertising – invest some time and money on a good advertisement campaign, traditional advertising platforms such as offline marking are still standing strong in the marketing world.
  • Social Media and online marketing – set online marketing as your target too. Nowadays social media is a strong part of any marketing campaign and successful business.
  • Digital Marketing – not all marketing is visible and SEO is another strong part of a great marketing strategy. You should invest in a good SEO expert in order to reach expected and desired results.

Now that we have identified and promoted your USP correctly you should see an increase in business, after all this is the whole point of having a USP.

As a marketing agency we specialise in this type of work. Our experts can help you to identify your unique selling point by doing the market research for you, analysing your competitors and in the end delivering a clear view of what your USP should be. We also offer a marketing strategy for promotion of your company and can guide your though it. So, if you have a business or a product and you feel you’re lacking something, get in touch with us and let’s make it work together.

-Oksana Drutsul-