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Read how lockdown has changed magazine production

Shops aren’t the only ones having to change operations and adapt to the new normal of coronavirus life. Magazine production and publishing has undergone some serious transformations over the past few months to get their work out in front of people’s eyes. Some changes may be used for the foreseeable future such as offering free online digital copies to launching social media campaigns—there’s been plenty of switch-ups in the media world to keep on top of.


What’s new?

Essential Marbella Magazine, one of the biggest publications on the Costa del Sol has recently launched their hybrid magazine, switching to digital magazine production they have released a paperless version of their usual monthly issue, available on their website. It features hyperlinks, interactive features, navigation and on-page videos for a more in-depth user experience. Having worked with Essential magazine for over 20 years and writing monthly articles for them we think it’s great that they have adapted and overcome the closing of printers and distributers to continue to provide readers with content during lockdown. We are proud to be part of this successful local magazine!


Other publications quick on their feet to adapt and innovate such as ‘Time Out’ underwent a more spontaneous re-brand that saw their title change to ‘Time In’. Both the New York and London editions of the print magazine and website now show a new logo in recognition of the restrictions imposed by social distancing.


The Evening Standard has opted towards home delivery, offering a direct service across London giving neighbourhoods access to the title. The newspaper has employed a fleet of vans to bring the news into people’s homes allowing the removal of high-risk staff on the city streets to reduce person-to-person contact.


What do you think of these new moves businesses and magazine production are making? And when do you think operations will return back to normal? Let us know your thoughts.

– William Lee –