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Are you back with a bang? You should be

Whatever we expected from 2020, it wasn’t this. It’s fair to say that the Coronavirus overtook us all so quickly that no-one was really able to prepare for it. One minute we were all going about our professional and personal lives in Marbella, and the next there was a state of emergency and accompanying lockdown that had us all but housebound. As we now emerge from this situation and return to a sense of normality, it’s worth assessing the impact and implications of one of the strangest times any of us have lived through.

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This year will probably produce poor economic figures around the world, not because of a financial crash or the beginning of a cyclical recession, but purely because business activity all but halted during the lockdown. That was the better part of a quarter lost, but now as businesses reopen on the Costa del Sol and the country begins to welcome visitors once more, we see the green shoots of recovery and growth again. Spain will have a summer tourist season, after all, and with it the ability to recoup some of what has been lost.

Spanish market only – really?

Where not so long ago many thought only domestic tourists would be able to visit the Costa del Sol this year, it is now open to international guests as well – and judging by booking sites the interest is great among Europeans, from Scandinavia and Germany to Great Britain and the Benelux. Hotel and apartments/villas are filling up nicely with a steady stream of bookings, and agents are also reporting a sharp increase in enquiries and property viewings locally. Pent-up demand or not, it’s a clear indication that international interest for Marbella and surroundings remains strong.

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Shout your message out

However, more than ever this is a time when people need to know about you, know that your restaurant, hotel, shop and business are open and happy to receive them. They need to know about the opening times and new regulations that apply, as well as simply knowing that you are indeed back in business. Too many of us have stood in front of closed doors or called answer phones in the past few weeks, so it’s important that you’re heard. We live in the information era, so make sure you provide information loud and clear.

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Marketing – more important than ever

We know all too well that people are reluctant to spend on marketing, but any business consultant or sales expert will tell you that it’s more important than ever now to make sure that you connect with your market. If you don’t someone else will, and since we’re still not entirely ‘back to normal’ it will take a while before you can simply assume people know about you and how to find you.

Digital marketing is key, and since informing people is at its heart and how it works best, you can combine your message, branding and promotion in one using online content, social media and also paid advertising campaigns.

If you don’t know how to do this or are too busy doing what you specialise in, then contact the experts. Manifesto Design is a leading agency with expertise in digital marketing strategy and how to get you the business generation you need. Get in touch and find out how we can make this happen for you.