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Google AdWords campaigns, YES or NO?

As marketing specialists, we always try to bring you the latest news related to the marketing world, give you valuable tips and most importantly, we are always honest about it. We have written several articles regarding offline and online marketing strategies; today we want to bring to your attention a very popular (or shall we say, THE MOST popular) advertising/marketing tool — Google AdWords.

Google AdWords has been around for well over a decade and nowadays it is one of the most powerful advertising tools for your business. Large, medium and small companies around the world use it and billions of euros are spent yearly, but is it worth it? Well, let´s have a look at the top five most valuable aspects of Google Adwords:

1. The big audience
Daily over two billion searches are made in Google, by people searching for businesses, services or simply answers to their questions. If you are a business that has the answer, you can target them! By choosing the right keywords for your advertising campaign you can target specific audiences. But you can target in many different ways these days, including demographically, by language, region, the device they use or even time of the day. In fact, Google allows you to go much further and deeper, with retargeting campaigns and behaviour or intent based targeting.

2. Additional platforms
As we know, Google owns many separate websites and non-search based platforms such as YouTube, which has over 1,3 billion users, and all of them can be targeted from within Google Adwords.

3. Better than SEO?
We can’t make a statement that Google AdWords is better than SEO, but we definitely can say that it is immediate! SEO is a longer term strategy due to the different aspects involved in building up ranking. With AdWords, as soon the campaign goes live, ads will appear and you’ll get instant results, but you need to understand the way to target people and where you send visitors, otherwise you could end up wasting a lot of money. You can monitor what keywords and campaigns are bringing you more leads and then implement those into your SEO strategy. Just a quick tip :).

4. Easy and fast Insights
AdWords makes the process easy to understand. You can study the results of your campaigns and find out basic information, such as clicks per ad (CTR), impressions, keywords (actual search terms), budget, etc. This way you can find out if you are spending your money correctly or if your campaigns need some tweaking. It also gives you important insights so you can scale your advertising.

5. Fair budget
AdWords also allows you to be in more control of your budget. The most common method used for search based campaigns in the ‘Pay Per Click’ module, which means you only pay when each person clicks the advert. There are other methods for display advertising on Google, such as paying per thousand impressions, but all of them allow you to set a maximum daily budget.

To be honest, we could go on and on about the advantages that Google AdWords can bring to your business, but we are sure that what we have mentioned above should be enough to say YES, Google AdWords is definitely worth it!

There are many different things you need to consider when creating AdWords campaigns and although it is relatively easy to set up and start advertising, you really need a more granular level of understanding to ensure you utilise the right methods for your business and achive maximum conversions. As marketing specialists, we have seen accounts where businesses have wasted large sums of money because of a general lack of understanding budget controls, keyword and location targeting, and destination pages (landing pages).

If you would like to set up AdWords campaigns for your business, or simply find out more about it, get in touch with our specialists and we will happily introduce you into the exciting world of online advertising 🙂 Engage Manifesto!

-Oksana Drutsul-