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The Manifesto Design guide to all those social networks you hear about everywhere, but which all sound the same

On the face of it, social media may seem like one big, same-y pile of digital, so why bother? But the truth is that every social network offers something slightly different to your business. In this blog, we’re going to take a closer look at some of today’s social media giants to give you a brief, one-stop guide to what they offer and how you canuse them to enter your company in the digital marketing race.

  1. Facebook:

Facebook is first on the list for a reason. This is the social network that seemingly everyone has – you, your gran and maybe even your dog. Perhaps an exaggeration, but  with more than 1 billion users – that’s a seventh of the world’s population – it is bigger than any other social media platform. That makes it hugely important when it comes to growing your online profile.

On a business page you can post status updates, upload photos and keep all of the people who follow your page fully in the know on all things about your business. You can also run advertising campaigns (generally referred to as pay-per-click ads) to reach even more users – perfect for improving your business’s visibility.

  1. Twitter:

Yes, that one with the blue bird and just 140 characters for your message. Is that all? It’s all you need. Do it right and master the hashtag and this social media platform could add some serious clout to your digital marketing campaign. Short, eye-catching tweets can be used to share information, services and updates within a matter of seconds. Combined with the mighty #hashtag, you can also aim your posts towards the audience you want. Users are able to track specific hashtags to view all users referring to the subject. What’s the main hashtag for digital marketing you ask? You guessed it: #digitalmarketing. Simple!

  1. Google+:

It’s all about circles. Google gets digital, that’s for sure, and Google+ is a great way to get your business heard. There’s a google (see what we did there?) of reasons as to why, but the fact that it’s the social media platform from the biggest search engine in the world should give you a fair clue. You can add people to circles, and they can add you, so that you can keep the content you post relevant. You wouldn’t stand in the middle of two circles of clients (let’s say one interested in marketing, the other in art) and tell them both the exact same thing, word for word, would you? Exactly.

So that’s three of the biggest social media platforms covered, but keep an eye out for the second installment coming soon, where we’ll explore some of the other big players in the social media jungle.

Charlotte Grabowski