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Marbella, an Urban Case Study presented at FNAC in Marbella

The large FNAC store at the La Cañada shopping centre in Marbella hosted the first showing of Marbella, an Urban Case Study in 2020. The book, written by our director Michel Cruz, in collaboration with leading photographer Wayne Chasan and architect Luiyo Vazquez, features the beautiful photographs and sketches of the latter two as it chronicles the urban evolution of Marbella from a small agricultural and fishing village into a luxury international destination and now a growing young city.

This vibrant, cosmopolitan place is well represented by the three friends, who are long-time residents of Marbella but originally hail from the Netherlands, the USA and Argentina respectively. They have settled and made their careers here, earning a reputation for professionalism and the quality of their work, but felt inspired to create this wonderful modern coffee table book dedicated to the city they call home.

“We have seen many of the changes that form part of Marbella’s evolution,” says Michel, “and are proud to have reflected them in a book we’re not only proud of ourselves, but which has received wonderful reviews and heart-warming responses from the public – both people new to Marbella and those who know it intimately.”

The event also drew attention to the fact that Marbella, an Urban Case Study is now available for sale at FNAC, as well as on Amazon.