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Bringing a new vision to Barcelona

This is a project that we have been keeping in the shadows for a while now, but we are finally ready to share it with the rest of the world as we are now at the finish line.

But let us quickly brief you on the project and the client before we jump into the creative process.

Casa Molers is a brand new development of modern and luxury apartments in the heart of Poble Sec in Barcelona developed by Eliore Properties. The CEO approached us with the task of creating something different and unique. That was one of the reasons why they opted for a company from Marbella and not Barcelona – to bring a new vision to the city.

The brief consisted of the creation of a corporate brochure to promote the development, Barcelona and its lifestyle. Originally the brochure was going to consist of 24 pages plus cover and feature a horizontal format, but during the process of work (as often happens) there were some major changes and adaptions made. With the final result consisting of 36 pages plus covers and in a vertical A4 format. Plus we also created a spin-off promotional A4 diptych flyer.

Although this type of projects doesn’t take long, usually we manage to complete it within a month, this one is the perfect example of how sometimes things don’t go to plan.

As we know, the creation of corporate marketing material always involves multiple people, the marketing team, writers, designers and of course the client who supplies us with materials such as images, renders, floor plans, etc., who in their turn get it from architects, interior designers, etc. This chain clearly explains why there was a delay in the development of this project. But with many emails sent chasing up, we now can reveal the final result of this long process.

The brochure design was inspired by the clean lines of the building itself, the modern and simple interior design, and minimalistic, light colours—browns, beige and greys. We introduced the element of a dark colour to ‘spice things up’ a little bit and bring some perfect (mis)balance to the brochure.

Another important part of the creation of this brochure was the choice of font used. We wanted to keep it classic and timeless, like Barcelona city itself, but make it stand out. That explains the position of the titles and their sizes. The hierarchy, which in this case works perfectly, large and bold fonts with light and clean colour.

A very fun part of the project was the creation of the map and the icons, we wanted to keep it simple but easy to use.

In addition to the brochure, we were asked to create a promotional diptych flyer, which was based on the style and design of the main brochure. We kept it simple, showcasing the main features of the development and bringing attention to the details and interiors.

As we mentioned before the project has now reached its final stage and soon we will begin the process of print. Due to the fact that the client is located in Barcelona, it will be easier to print it with a local company, but we will accompany every step and prepare the files for the final print job.

You can find more case studies like this in our blog section or visit our portfolio page for more projects. Engage Manifesto!