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Paint and sip san pedro

Manifesto Loves: Paint and Sip evening in San Pedro

Tired of the same-old-same-old? Bored of bars? How about trying something new?
Paint and Sip is not a new concept, indeed in the States and Canada there are approximately 1,000 Paint and Sip groups.

Paint and sip san pedro

The idea is that like-minded people get together to paint and sip wine, a winning combination! However the brainwave of ‘The Art Club’ in San Pedro, is to take a painting, chop it into pieces and give each participant a piece of the puzzle – but not show them the whole painting.

Effectively, this means that each artist is painting their own abstract canvas. The Art Club supplies the paints in the correct hues so no-one can go wrong. Happily, The Art Club also supplies the ‘Sip’ part of the evening, and there is always someone to make sure that no-one has an empty glass!

It’s a cheerful social event, with regulars as well as holidaymakers chatting contentedly while painting away. A selection of nibbles is provided for snacking on whilst painting and sipping.

The best part of the evening is the ‘can you tell what it is yet?’! Slowly, as each person finishes their canvas, the pieces are put together – and finally the image is revealed. The whole is definitely worth more than the parts as everyone stands back to admire the finished painting, which is then put on display in the window.

The Art Club is a fantastic find, open Monday to Friday from 10hrs and welcomes artists of all abilities in a friendly and supportive environment. There are also classes for adults and children in the evenings. Paint and Sip evenings are run on the last Thursday of every month and start at 18hrs, book early as there are a limited number of spaces!

The Art Club is in Calle Manuel cantos 8, telephone Anne on 6665981