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To achieve a synthesis between aesthetics and functionality is the aim of all pure design, marketing and copy-writing. Giving added value to a product or service by means of our design, words or ideas is therefore the central element of our manifesto
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Internet has changed traditional marketing big time and if your business doesn’t keep up it gets left behind. The era of digital marketing is well and truly here and naturally Manifesto is determent to stay on top. For that reason we recently added Paul Lopez to our team. He is a true expert and professional when it comes to SEO (Search engine optimisation).These days SEO is a word that in marketing you cannot live without,but a lot of mystery still surrounds it. Paul Lopez’s expertise in this field really complements all the other marketing services we offer at Manifesto Design, making us a more complete marketing agency able to offer a full range of marketing solutions. But what does SEO mean and why does your company need it?

SEOSEO in simple words is the activity of ensuring that your website is visible and can be found when your potential clients type in keywords relevant to what your site is offering. For instance, when you sell luxury properties on the Golden Mile, you want to be found when people search for ’apartment Golden Mile’ or ’luxurious property Marbella’, because people using these keywords are your potential clients.  This is where SEO comes in, as it is a process that ensures you rank highly on search engines, where large numbers of people can find you.In addition, SEO provides you with detailed information about your target group, which keywords they use, where they enter your website, how long they stay and where they leave your page. With this information you can develop a focussed strategy that drives your business growth in today’s digitalised world.

We understand that it is a lot to take in and that SEO can sound really confusing sometimes, which is why we organise digital marketing seminars that are interactive in nature, making it easy for you to raise questions as they arise and ask for further explanation. By the time you leave our office it will all be a lot clearer. Feel free to take a look at our social media pages, where we broadcast videos produced to explain topics regarding digital marketing in more detail.

Are you interested in learning more about digital marketing and SEO, do you want to take part in a seminar or would you like to take advantage of one of our marketing services? If so do not hesitate and contact us today. You don’t want your business to get left behind and together we can make sure it reaches its full potential.

-Bianca Schepers-