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Setting up an online business? We can help!

Nowadays, having a business no longer means that you must have a store or a fixed location where clients and customers can come to see you. With the digital era in full swing, more and more companies opt for an online business. This can be a store, a real estate agency, or anything you can think of…

It may seem easy to set up an online business, set up a website and you are done, right? But it’s way harder than you think. In this article, we want to shed some light on online business and explain why you need expert help if you want to make it work.

To start with you will have to decide what product or service your online business will offer. Secondly and probably the key to success is to define your target audience – who you want to target with your product or service? What nationality are they, gender, age, where located demographically? Our market experts can help you with this, by studying the actual market and carrying out extensive research on your competitors, we can advise and guide you.

Good branding is also a key factor to success. You want your business to stand out amongst your competitors, you want you branding to be memorable and catchy. Our graphic designers can help you create a brand that transmits the essence of your business and is true to what you believe in. Read about the importance of branding here.

Let’s not forget the website itself as this will be the ‘face’ of your online business. Creating something appealing to the eye and cool won’t guarantee you success if the website is not optimised correctly. Our web designers and SEO experts can help you decide on the layout and design of the website, choose the ‘right’ look for your business, make it user-friendly and most importantly make it GOOGLE-friendly.

SEO and website optimisation play a huge part in online business, you want to be recognized by Google as a ‘true’ business. Getting to the top of Google search can be a hard task if you are doing it yourself and unfortunately, you can even harm your business and get it banned from Google if SEO is not correctly carried out. We have explained in the past why SEO is a ‘must’ for the websites: read here.

Once the website is launched the hard work does not stop. Now you want to promote your business and for this, social media comes into play. We can help you set up and optimise social media profiles, create a marketing strategy and promotions, organic or paid (you can find more about the social media importance in business here).

Ongoing support is also another service that we offer, this means that monthly you can meet with our team to discuss ideas and strategies to make your business more visible.

We tried to make this blog short but informative, if you would like to find out more about how we can help you with your online business get in touch with us and take advantage of a free marketing consultation with no commitment, our doors are always open for you. Engage Manifesto!