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To achieve a synthesis between aesthetics and functionality is the aim of all pure design, marketing and copy-writing. Giving added value to a product or service by means of our design, words or ideas is therefore the central element of our manifesto
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The importance of good content for your website cannot be overstated, as a successful site depends on more than just #keywords alone. Keeping an active and accessible online presence is essential for a brand’s success and in this age of boundless information, it is crucial to be not just relevant, but interesting too. In a recent post we spoke about the importance of balancing blog content with product promotion and pointed out that customers, rather than simply wanting to read gleaming reviews of your business or services, are looking for something extra. They may find your website by looking for a specific product or service, but blogs—when written well –can keep them engaged and—most importantly—develop a loyal following. Blogs are instrumental in the building of brand image, and creating engaging content not only drives up your Google rankings but builds trust with your customers. Businesses may have gone digital, but the marketing fundamentals remain the same and a transparent and trustworthy corporate image is more indispensable than ever.

  Blogs are now an essential part of online marketing and reap numerous benefits for you, your website and your business. From SEO to branding, they are a great way to connect with your customers and of course, are one of the best forms of self-promotion. HOWEVER, there comes a time and a place when we all have to take a moment and realise that actually… it’s not all about you. *cries* Yes, blogs should let your customers know how amazing your product is or show what stunning properties you have available, but when it comes down to it - readers want to know more! This means that blogs should INFORM, add value and offer useful information. Your customers can thank you for it later (by buying your product) lol.