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treasure hunt


treasure huntOver the past month we’ve been working closely with Experience Box to organise an interactive treasure hunt. Objective: raise as much money as possible for David, and last Sunday 28th May the day was finally here! Manifesto participated on the day with our very own ‘dream team’.

Even though some of us had a rough day and it was really warm too, we had so much fun. Each group was handed a bag back containing all the tools we needed, including an iPad. The iPad showed a map with checkpoints where we had to collect points. Each team had to collect as many points as possible. To receive the points we had to complete all sorts of challenges; dance flamenco with locals, take pictures, build a tower, complete puzzles and answer quiz questions. Every challenge had to be recorded as proof ‒ leaving us with a lot of funny pictures and videos.

During the hunt there were also obstructions. We had to stay away from the red Pacman, shown on the map, because he reduced your points by eatingTreasure hunt them. A scary zombie was walking around on the interactive map; if he caught the team you would lose points as well. There were also various options to make it harder for the other teams, such as, freeze their screen for 10 seconds. However, if you caught the blue Pacman you would earn points.

Who would have thoutreasure huntght that I would end up dancing flamenco with a local? Or that the whole team went into a fountain to make the perfect picture?  Everybody participated and was so competitive when it came to completing the challenges. Our French intern Marion showed off her skills by making a paper boat to float around in the fountain, and designer Adriano led the way navigating around the Old Town. Not to forget all the support we got from SEO expert Paul. Everybody contributed something and the activity was good for teambuilding. We had a lovely Sunday in Marbella and even the locals were enthusiastic and willing to help us out with all the challenges we faced.

All in all, the fun lasted a bit over an hour and a half, but the memories will stay with us forever. The winning team (unfortunately not our team) won some amazing prizes that were donated by lovely people and everybody had a lot of fun. Definitely would recommend it to everyone!

-Bianca Schepers-