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Real Estate InstagramNow, as online searches have dramatically moved away from desktops and more towards mobile devices, visual marketing is becoming more important than ever before as pictures and videos are continuing to dominate the content shared online.

Visual content in real time allows browsers to live in the moment and to capture a behind-the-scenes story. It also creates a sense of excitement as users feel that they are receiving the inside scoop on something that others don’t yet know about, especially if they are the first to view or like a picture or video.

In the world of real estate first impressions are everything and images are vital when it comes to

generating leads. Instagram allows agents to showcase the very best features of a particular property to a large audience at peak browsing times. The app also enables browsers to present unique images and videos from different angles and it is possible to add a filter that can improve the look of a particular room, or can help to enhance specific aspects of a property.

Real Estate Marketing

In addition to this, the app also recently introduced the ‘Your Story’ feature, allowing users to upload a series of photographs or a short video, which will appear at the top of their follower’s screen for 24 hours. For real estate, this is a great opportunity to take fans on a ‘sneak peek’ tour of a particular listing, for example a feature property, or to release the news of the start of construction on a new development. This, again, can be used as a teaser promotion.

Images in real time not only enrich a customer’s experience but they allow you to choose exactly what your potential customers see and when. From sharing a live video from an open house on the day to promoting a penthouse with a beautiful view or capturing the chic décor of a new listing, with Instagram the possibilities are endless for real estate applications.

Although images and videos are the main focus of Instagram, they do need a little help in order to ensure that they reach enough people, and this is where hashtags come in. The world of hashtags can sometimes seem like a complex issue as # trends change on a daily basis, so it is always a good idea to do your research and keep up to date with what is popular and when.

Real Estate MarketingHowever, it is important to note that not every hashtag goes with every post or industry, and generally speaking hashtags should be kept relevant not just to your industry but also to a particular image or post. For example #MillionDollarListing is popular in the real estate industry worldwide, but it shouldn’t be used to promote a one-bedroom apartment for sale for under one million just for the sake of it, in the hope that it will gain likes and followers ─ this will, in fact result in the exact opposite!

Some good example of generic trending # for real estate that you can begin with include #DreamHome #LocationLocationLocation and #VillaForSale(location) #PenthouseForSale(location)

Attracting followers is vital to the success of your Instagram accounts, but as with every social media platform it is better to do it organically to ensure that your fans are genuinely interested in what you are posting. Another important factor of Instagram etiquette is ENGAGEMENT. It’s important to engage with other users by liking their posts and also responding to any questions or comments they may have. This not only shows the human side of the business but it helps to raise strong and positive brand awareness and to maintain your own customer engagement.

Instagram can also be used to complement other platforms. For example, linking Instagram to Facebook will allow for maximum exposure of your images and also help to dress up your Timeline.

If you don’t already have an Instagram account for your business then we strongly advise that you look into setting one up, otherwise you risk isolating your market and losing out to your competitors.

If you have any questions about Instagram and how we can help with your social media marketing strategy, contact us.

-Rhea Craib –