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FacebookDo you how how to set up a Facebook Campaign? Every day, more than a billion people are connected to Facebook. There are also 1.03 billion users on mobile devices. On average a user spends 50 minutes on social media every day. Moreover, 95% of social media marketers confirm that advertising on Facebook gives them a real ROI (return on investment). These statistics show us just how important Facebook can be as part of your marketing strategy.

To tap into this huge volume of traffic you can advertise on Facebook and we are going to explain how it works and why you should give it importance in your business’ development.

There are several types of advertising to choose from and the process is easy, you just need to create an ad that looks like a Facebook post and define the budget you want to devote to it.

Why use Facebook advertising?  It could be interesting for different reasons:

  • First, you want to hit the right target. Facebook ‘knows’ each user, their preferences and life in general. Location, age, hobbies, nothing is a secret for Facebook and its algorithm, and all this information is a treasure trove for companies.
  • Secondly, the high user numbers and the wide scope of Facebook allow you to target people around the world at the same time and also experiment with different target markets, so that you can identify the key area that works best for your product or service.
  • Finally: the last thing is the price. You can start with 1$ or spend 1,000$/day. It depends on your budget and your overall

To get your Facebook advert up and running go to ‘create adverts’ and follow the five main steps:

  • Choose your objective
  • Select your audience
  • Define your budget and your schedule
  • Select the ad format
  • Analyse the report

First step: choose your objective
Define your objective, i.e. the message that you want to convey through your ad. Facebook proposes different objectives: awareness (generates interest and expands reach), consideration (encourages visitors to your site and produces lead generation), conversion (the final stage: converting interest into business).

Second step: select your audience
The targeting is very precise on Facebook. You can target users demographically, broken down into age, gender, industry, language, socio-economic or by location, and create a parameter set around your offer. You can further refine the criteria by selecting your target audience according to their interest, hobbies, consumer behaviour and by engaging with people who have a connection with your page or a person who has liked it. Another important targeting group is called ‘look alike audiences’ and those are people similar to those that have already liked or engaged with your page.

Third step: define your budget and schedule
Define how much you want to spend on your campaign. You can choose a daily budget or a long term one, after which you schedule the ad. You have two options here: an ongoing campaign – running the ad continuously starting today – or you can set a specific start and finish date (recommended).

Fourth step: choose the format
As we mentioned previously, Facebook allows different options for your ad. What is the most suitable photo or video format for you? You have the choice of: a carousel (multiple pictures or videos) a single image, a single video, a slideshow (ten images maximum that creates a kind of video), a canvas (tell a story by combining pictures and videos), a collection (a big picture or video with four small images that create an interactive mobile experience).

After selecting your images and videos, add your headline (remember this is limited to 25 characters), text (limited to 90 characters) and your link.

Fifth and last step: understand the report
Once your advertisement is up and running, Facebook sends you a report. This allows you to monitor your performance, the number of people reached, the scope of the publication, cost per action and the engagement level. You can also select information by category of people – age, location etc.

FacebookUse all their facilities well and you’ll be surprised just how effective Facebook advertising and promotion can be.

Ready to get started? Why not give the experts at Manifesto a call. We can guide you through the process and advise on what the best strategy is for your business.

We will explain about the A/B testing that you should employ so you can refine adverts and audiences until you know exactly what works best, then you can scale!

-Marion Beauchet-Filleau-