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Immo Moment – Your Guide to the Costas

It’s been a few busy months here at Manifesto Design, we have been working on quite a few projects that we have to keep secret for now, but one of them can finally be revealed! ImmoMoment Brochure – Your Guide to the Costas.

We were approached by a new client few months back, ImmoMoment, a Belgium real estate company that specialises in property for sale in the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca. Their request was to create a brochure that would catch people’s attention, is informative, includes property and most importantly that transmits their company essence and branding. And as you already know, we love a challenge, so without delay we started working on this ‘colourful’ project.

As this was a publication designed from scratch we took it from the start, beginning with the briefing, planning, content writing and selection, design, print management and finishing with print production.

Like most design jobs you end up with a few bumps along the way and ours was that, unfortunately, we were very limited in terms of space due to the fact that the brochure is bilingual and we only had 16 pages to work with – so the content had to be succinct, informative and of course catchy.

It was important to create something that would catch people’s attention on the streets and make them want to pick the guide up, so here we decided to take a very bold step, and as the main colour of the company branding is pure magenta we totally ran with it.

Now that summer is over, a lot of other companies will go for the typical approach and chose more dark colours for their marketing collateral, where we took the opposite road and decided to use a very bright and strong colour throughout the brochure, which in the end worked perfectly!

In terms of content, we resolved the space issue by splitting the brochure in half, meaning half of it was dedicated to the Costa del Sol and the rest to Costa Blanca property. We focused on the company and of course their main sector, properties, but we also added a special section of interesting places and emergency numbers in Spain, which made this brochure not only corporate but also informative and interesting.

When we received the final result we were very pleased as the colours worked perfectly, not just in transmitting the branding of the company but also by being a very captive and strong feature throughout the brochure.

At the moment we have only printed the Dutch/French version, so if you´d like to see a copy pop into our office or visit ImmoMoment in Guadalmina for your copy. The English and Spanish version will be available soon.

If you have a company or business and would like to create a special brochure, magazine or other publication, or if you simply need advice on how to promote your company, get in touch and we will help find the perfect solution for you. Engage Manifesto!