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New chapter: Danica’s internship in Marbella

Today Danica began her internship here at Manifesto Design. Danica is currently living in Belgium, though she originally comes from South Africa. In order to break the ice and get to know her a bit better, we asked her a few questions.

Tell me a few things about you as a person.
Well, I am South African and I moved to Belgium 3 years ago. My dad got a job within his company in the Belgian branch and we were all able to join him after a few months. I didn’t want to first take time to learn Dutch before studying so I looked for an English programme and found the one that eventually sent me here.

Since coming to Europe, I’ve fallen in love with travelling and with Spain in particular. I enjoy meeting new people and learning things about their cultures. I also enjoy reading in my free time, going for walks and I’ve recently started writing again, although that has been quite intimidating. And I love coffee. I feel like that’s important.

Luckily we have really good coffee here. How did you end up coming to Manifesto Design for your internship?
I was originally supposed to go to another company but it didn’t work out. Then my contact here in Marbella told me about Manifesto Design. She said if I’m still interested in coming to Spain, I could contact you and ask if an internship would be possible. Of course, I still wanted to come to Spain! So I sent an email and within a couple of days, we had everything set up for me to join the company.

That’s great, we’re happy to have you with us. Tell me a bit about the course you’re studying in Belgium.
I study International Communication and Media and am in my third year. This internship is in fact the last step I have to take before I graduate. We’ve focused a lot on marketing the past few years and I saw a lot about social media, copywriting and building campaign strategies. I really enjoyed working on the projects and I’m excited to further expand my knowledge here with you all.

It definitely sounds like we are a good match as a company and intern. Are there any specific projects or jobs you would like to be a part of?
I’m still getting my head around everything Manifesto Design does but I’m quite interested to build up experience in copywriting for different platforms and in different tones to match the various clients. I’m also looking forward to learning how to manage and grow social media accounts for different clients. But honestly, I’m just really interested to learn as much as I can all around and see how I grow throughout the next 4 months.

Well, I hope you enjoy your time with us and that you will have the opportunity to explore the area at some point as well!
Me too! Although I’ve been able to see a little already, I am hoping that things open at some point. I’m really craving a late afternoon trip to a café with friends.