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To achieve a synthesis between aesthetics and functionality is the aim of all pure design, marketing and copy-writing. Giving added value to a product or service by means of our design, words or ideas is therefore the central element of our manifesto
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Brand identity is an important part of marketing, it not only helps to give people an image of a business’s identity, but also what that business represents. Creating a visual identity is the first step of the process, with the logo being the most vital aspect. Here it is important that the visual components of any brand are consistent and help to portray the desired image of the brand in the consumer’s mind. Last month Manifesto Design worked on a branding project for a stylish new second-hand clothing boutique in Centro Plaza called Preloved Boutique.

The logo design was the core aspect of the project—the clients required a design, which incorporated the ‘Preloved Clothing’ concept, without being over complicated or crowded. The design team at Manifesto created a simplistic yet fun and elegant design, which could be printed on a range of different materials—ensuring that the logo would stand out and remain consistent in different applications.

The logo design was first used for the shop signage, which now takes pride of place above the store door at Centro Plaza in Nueva Andalucía. It also formed the basis for the front of the business cards and the promotional flyer, with a tasteful design added to the back in the boutique’s corporate colours along with a personal message, information and contact details.

Preloved Boutique also required copy book templates for their invoice, merchandise receipt, customer receipts and Terms & Conditions. Again the logo provided the central element and it was added in a top central positon to ensure that it stood out.

Manifesto enjoyed working on this project and it is great to see the final results, and the store now open. If you are looking for preloved designer and high-end high street fashion items, why not pop along this weekend to see what the store has to offer—and don’t forget to admire the branding while you are there!

If you would like help with your corporate branding—whether it be a new logo or promotional material such as flyers and business card design, feel free to contact us today to find out how we can help tailor our services to your needs.

-Rhea Craib –