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Make the most of your Christmas marketing

Christmas is one of the most important times of the year and it’s never too early to start preparing your company’s Christmas marketing plan for the holiday season.

One of the key ways to make the most of Christmas from a Social Media engagement point of view is to use scheduling programmes to keep your feeds active during the holiday, a period where many of us spend a lot of time scrolling and searching the Internet for Christmas decoration inspiration and gift ideas. Preparing posts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, using either built in scheduling software or third-party applications, will make sure that all of your target market is reached.

Christmas has a very recognisable traditional theme that gives you a perfect opportunity to personalise the design of your marketing pieces. People pay attention to the visual identity of your brand, so it’s important to include a Christmas detail on the images you use for your social media and website. An easy way to do this would be by creating festive banners and potentially editing your logo to match by adding a flare of red and green.

Make your website as accessible as possible by optimising the SEO to key Christmas search trends. It’s important that you look for the most popular terms (for this you can use tools such as Trends or the Keyword planner, both from Google) and you can include them on your site, blog or your social networks. That way, your content is better positioned on Google each time someone makes a related search.

Writing blogs is an important part of any integral online marketing strategy. People are always looking for fresh new Christmas ideas, and almost all want new content, not last year’s content. If you have a blog on your website, then this is a great opportunity to publish some fresh Christmas blog posts and attract readers— as long as the content is useful! Use your business blog to share Christmas-related tips, insights or news that would make people curious and therefore click through to your website. It’s important to remember to keep your Christmas blog related to the type of business you have and to use relevant Christmas keywords alongside your usual keywords.

These are just a few ideas for injecting some Christmas spirit into your digital marketing strategy this season!

– William Lee –