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pitch deck

What is a pitch deck?

Pitch decks are not a new thing, although they’re not something brought up in everyday conversation. So what is a pitch deck and why should you know about it?

Companies usually have a business plan, which is a very detailed document with a lot of information about the company. So when a business wants to approach potential investors to raise capital, it would be a waste of time on both sides for the investors to read the entire business plan. Hence, the pitch deck. It is, in essence, a resume of the business plan. It highlights the most important aspects in a couple of slides (averaging between 5 and 20) and condenses all of the information, saving everyone a lot of time.

Why use pitch decks?

The most important reason is to raise capital. However, there are multiple reasons as to why you might consider having a pitch deck. Are you developing a new product that you want to pitch to investors? Or are you a start-up needing money? Then a pitch deck is something you should have in hand.

There are internal reasons too. A pitch deck can help you and your team to stay focused. Hardly anyone refers back to a business plan, and remembering all the details is an impossible task for even the most driven business owner. It is also a useful tool to use in the recruitment process. If you want to convince someone to join your company, you might want to use a pitch deck as part of your persuasive strategy.

Having a pitch deck is important, but if it is not of good quality or if the information is incorrect, it could be as good as not having one at all. Luckily for you, you’re reading this blog post. Manifesto Design is the leading copywriting agency on the Costa del Sol and we have 18 years of experience in pitch deck writing. Do not wait any longer and get your pitch deck started today and have it on hand the next time you need to elevator-pitch your business for future growth! 

Danica Van der Merwe