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Social media marketing – A cost-effective force behind the property market

Manifesto Design is a passionate advocate of social media in its many formats and platforms. We strongly believe that the use of online marketing via these community websites significantly benefits the promotion of products, businesses and services.

social media

There are reportedly three billion social media users worldwide – if your business would benefit from using these tools it would be misguided to ignore that there is a large customer base waiting for information about it on the likes of Facebook and Instagram each day.

A report from research marketing company Ascend2 in late 2017 showed marketers involved in their 2018 Digital Marketing Plans survey believed that the most effective form of reaching clients in the year ahead would be via social media marketing.

For the real estate industry social media provides almost endless opportunities to aid the successful marketing and selling of property. These online platforms can assist in so many ways, not just in the direct promotion of individual developments, but above all in promoting a company’s brand and identity.

Cultivating the correct online presence that conveys a company’s ethos in a professional but also friendly, well informed and interesting way is appealing to users. Potential customers will gain confidence and interest in a company, which will make them want to make contact and use their services above others that do not profile themselves in this way.

Social media also provides tools that will help sell individual properties, and let’s be honest, just posting a list of property descriptions isn’t enough these days. In most instances attractive images of a house will be more effective to pin down a viewing than a phone call – and posting on Twitter and Instagram you will definitely reach a far greater number of people!

Agents can be creative with the functionality of each platform to feature particular buildings that help them stand out from the digital crowd. Videos and virtual tours are priceless content and a potential buyer can be on the other side of the world to the property and still be able to make informed decisions.

Clever online campaigns can also look at promoting properties from a different angle, for example focusing on a particular area rather than the apartments and houses themselves. You can draw attention to a forgotten region or hidden gem of a town by spreading the word online with content that details schools and local amenities, its history, future development plans and imagery that shows how great a place is. Get people to want to move to an area first and then they will start house hunting.

The possibilities are pretty much endless. Content is key of course and not only the written word, there is no excuse for a dull post if you have great photography, videos, animations and interesting information to access.

In addition every post that contains informative or creative content will be building a fantastic reference library of information and tools that can be utilised further down the line.

When your company and products are on social media, infinite eyes are looking and the potential reach is enormous.

If you would like Manifesto Desgin to handle your social media business profile, please get in touch.